CIRCOR“s ALLWEILER EMTEC-C® raises the performance bar for machine tool coolant service

CIRCOR"s ALLWEILER EMTEC-C® raises the performance bar for machine tool coolant service

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Radolfzell, Germany (August 8th, 2018) – CIRCOR announces the launch of EMTEC-C®, the next generation of the Allweiler three-screw pump that moves abrasive machine chips, particles and heat away from cutting surfaces in high-pressure machine tool coolant service, delivering improved durability and best-in-class efficiency.

Intended for use in metalworking applications, transfer lines, and grinding and deep drilling machines, EMTEC-C delivers coolant at a higher rate than centrifugal pumps, allowing machines to run at peak levels without compromising tool life.

„We“ve improved EMTEC-C to achieve maximum three-screw pump efficiency with a lighter weight and fewer components,“ said Kapil Rai, CIRCOR Vice President, Industrial Pumps, EMEA, India & Asia. „It also features several difference-making innovations.“

Those include:
– A new screw system with a patented reversed hanging idler and integrated thrust compensation system for durability, reliability and precision
– Improvements to seal life expectancy and need for maintenance
– A unique transparent backflow pipe that alerts the user to possible medium return into the system
– An extra-long piston to minimize flow loss
– The option of connecting a pressure sensor to the frequency controller for easy control and measurement

In addition, the surface of EMTEC-C has a hardness similar to ceramic in the housing bores, yet is elastic enough to eliminate the danger of bore surface fracture.

Rai added that users interested in a new solution will find that EMTEC-C is interchangeable with previous models and available in different sizes and spindle pitch angles to accommodate tank-top, submerged and horizontal installation configurations.

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