NEO LMS Receives Badges for Most Recommended, Best Value, and Best Functionality from Capterra

NEO, the learning management system (LMS) for schools and universities created by CYPHER LEARNING, was recently awarded Capterra’s Most Recommended badge, Best Value badge, and Best Functionality Badge.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, November 18, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — NEO, the learning management system (LMS) for schools and universities created by CYPHER LEARNING, was recently awarded Capterra’s Most Recommended badge, Best Value badge, and Best Functionality Badge.

The badges were awarded based on reviews from Learning Management System software users. Capterra has over 200,000 vetted user reviews spanning its 400+ software categories. The „Best“ badges synthesize these reviews to recognize the most highly-rated products by users in a given software category. The „Best“ badges aid in end users‘ software research and enable them to make more informed purchase decisions.

These accolades add to NEO’s existing award-winning status including most recently being named ‚Best Learning Management System‘ in the 2017 Tech Edvocate Awards. NEO has been commended for its intuitive user interface, extensive feature set,and strong return on investment. The LMS provides a refreshingly new way to teach and learn that boosts student engagement and makes teaching easier.

NEO’s powerful learning platform provides an indispensable set of features for schools and universities, such as content authoring, competency-based learning, gamification, automation, learning paths, and integrations with the most popular third-party systems.

NEO is a world-class, award-winning LMS for use by schools and universities. The platform is known for its easy-to-use and beautiful user interface, a comprehensive set of innovative features, and pricing that provides great value for money. NEO is a product of CYPHER LEARNING, a company that specializes in providing learning platforms for organizations around the world. CYPHER LEARNING products are used by over 20,000 organizations, supports 40+ languages, and have millions of users.

About Capterra „Best“ badges
The Capterra „Best“ awards are determined by the subjective opinions of individual end-user customers based on their own experiences, the number and timing of published reviews on Gartner’s digital sites (,, and and review ratings for a given product in the category and are not intended in any way to represent the views of Gartner or its affiliates.

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MATRIX LMS wins Award of Excellence in Best of Elearning! 2017 Awards

MATRIX, the learning management system (LMS) for businesses created by CYPHER LEARNING, received the Award of Excellence in the Best of Elearning! 2017 Awards.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, November 18, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — MATRIX, the learning management system (LMS) for businesses created by CYPHER LEARNING, received the Award of Excellence in the Best of Elearning! 2017 Awards.

Celebrating its 13th year, the Best of Elearning! awards recognizes 60 brands across 20 categories for excellence and honor best-in-class solutions across the learning and technology marketplace. MATRIX received the Award of Excellence in the category ‚Learning Management System-Cloud‘.

The awards process included inviting Elearning! Media Group community members, readers, subscribers and online community to nominate their solution provider via an online ballot and was then tallied by Elearning! and Government Elearning! magazines.

Editors verified product types and categories and the top vote earners in each category were identified as finalists and earned Awards of Excellence. Those with a 10 percent lead over all other products in a category earned category winner status.

MATRIX is renowned for its intuitive design, unique features, and strong return on investment. The LMS for businesses is a central hub for all e-learning activities, whether it’s delivering effective training, evaluating employee performance, facilitating collaboration, or selling online courses.

MATRIX is a powerful learning platform, providing an indispensable set of features for businesses, such as content authoring, e-commerce functionality, gamification, automation, learning paths, compliance, ad-hoc reporting, and integrations with the most popular third-party systems.

For more information, visit

MATRIX is a world-class, award-winning LMS for use by businesses. The platform is known for its easy-to-use and beautiful user interface, a comprehensive set of innovative features, and pricing that provides great value for money. MATRIX is a product of CYPHER LEARNING, a company that specializes in providing e-learning platforms for organizations around the world. CYPHER LEARNING products are used by over 20,000 organizations, supports 40+ languages, and have millions of users.

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Cheryl Meyer, Author Of New Health Book, ‚It Feels Good To Feel Good‘, Named As Finalist In ’50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading‘ Book Awards

Meyer was picked from a field of hundreds of authors who appeared on The Authors Show. Her book, entitled ‚It Feels Good To Feel Good‘, gives readers the information they need to eliminate toxins, reverse inflammation and feel good again.

WILMINGTON, NC, November 18, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Cheryl Meyer, author of ‚It Feels Good To Feel Good‘, has been named as a finalist in the ’50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading‘ Book Awards Contest. Her honor came as a result of her appearance on The Authors Show. Cheryl Meyer was chosen from a field of hundreds of authors through a public voting process. ‚It Feels Good To Feel Good‘ gives readers the information they need to eliminate toxins, reverse inflammation and feel good again.

„I wrote this book for people with autoimmune disease and inflammation, but really, it’s for everyone. Toxins are everywhere and impacting our health, the health of our children, and the health of our earth. I would like people to eliminate the toxins now and not wait until they get sick and tired of being sick and tired.“ She adds, „It’s all about toxic load. Each toxin that is eliminated is one step closer to health.“ The book comes with a workbook upon request.

‚It Feels Good To Feel Good‘ is for anyone with chronic pain looking for answers. Nobody has to resign themselves to a life of pain and pills. In this book readers will learn:

– What is causing your pain and how to eliminate it.
– How to find a practitioner that will help you gain back your health.
– What’s in your food? Identify your sensitivities and heal your leaky gut.
– Identify the toxins in your life. Learn how to purge them.
– 34 stress busting ideas, and four simple exercises to reduce your stress.
– 32 suggestions from leading functional experts on how to get a good night’s sleep.
– How to recognize a toxic relationship and make it work or walk away.
– How to tame Anxious Negative Thoughts „ANTs“.
– How to take control of your health, reduce your inflammation and feel great again.

The book has taken numerous awards. It received a Bronze Medal in the International CIPA EVVY Awards. Nicholas Patton took a Silver Medal in the CIPA EVVY Awards for the illustrations. It was the sole award winner in the 2017 New Apple Self-Published Summer ebook Awards in Health/Medicine. It was named the Gold Medal Mind-Body-Spirit Award Winner in the Body 2017 Evergreen Living Now Awards, and is one of the top 12 books on the Spirited Woman Fall Equinox 2017 Book List. It is nominated for Book of the Year and Best Health Book of 2017 by Book Talk Radio.

The book has received rave reviews from readers. One said, „As a Functional Medicine Doctor who partners with patients to deal with the root causes of their symptoms, it was a pleasure to read a book that offers such a comprehensive yet simple approach to improve health, reduce inflammation and pain, lose weight and increase energy.“ Another stated, „If you want to truly feel better…clean up! Just one tip from Cheryl’s book will change your life. She has written the ultimate source for getting well through detoxification.“

Members of the public who want to vote for Cheryl in the ’50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading‘ Book Awards can access her entry and vote at The Authors Show site at Cheryl Meyer is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below, or by email at ‚It Feels Good To Feel Good‘ is available at online retail book outlets. More information is available at her website at

Cheryl Meyer holds a BA from the University of California Berkeley. She is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach and received that designation from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, in New York City in 2017. She is a self employed business owner and is a member of Wellness Universe.

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UAV Propulsion Tech Supplying Hardware for Pegasus Aerospace’s New Line of 3D-Printed Unmanned Aerial Systems

Revolutionary 3D Printed Carbon-Nylon UAS using servo, autopilot and gyro-stabilized EO/IR hardware solutions from UAV Propulsion Tech

TAMPA, FL, November 17, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — UAV Propulsion Tech is supplying Volz servos, DST Control’s OTUS-U135 gyro-stabilized gimbals and MicroPilot’s MP2128LRC2 enclosed autopilots for a new line of 3D Printed Carbon-Nylon Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) developed by Pegasus Aerospace, out of Destin, Florida. Pegasus Aerospace is currently contracted by several companies to design and produce this new line of advanced, 3D-Printed, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance UAS. Pegasus Aerospace successfully flew the first prototype aircraft for the first time in August and one of the systems was on display at the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) conference held in Dallas, Texas in September.

These new UAS are designed and produced for each individual clients specific requirements. The entire system development timeline for each customer from design to delivery is 5 to 8 months depending on the complexity and size of each system. Other larger systems are expected to be available soon.

UAV Propulsion Tech is a US company that markets UAV technology from Germany, Canada, Austria, United Kingdom, France, Estonia, US and Sweden. These solutions include consumer off the shelf (COTs) and custom: propulsion, autopilot, servo/actuator, electric turbofans, pneumatic launchers, gyro-stabilized gimbals, fuel/engine sensors and rescue/recovery parachute solutions. These products are proven solutions that are flying on several high end global UAV platforms. New UAV hardware solutions are added every year so UAV Propulsion Tech can be a one stop shop for companies who require advanced UAV hardware and technical support for their products.

Eugen Toma, CEO of Pegasus Aerospace said, „It has been great working with UAV Propulsion Tech on the hardware we needed for our custom 3D-Printed Carbon-Nylon UAS.“ Eugen went on to say, „Working with one company that provides multiple hardware solutions improves our development efficiency and necessary product support. We have been very happy with the performance and quality of the hardware, and support provided by UAV Propulsion Tech.“ Bob Schmidt, founder and president of UAV Propulsion Tech said, „Working with Pegasus Aerospace on their new ground-breaking 3D printed UAS highlights the benefits of utilizing one company to provide UAV hardware and technical support. We have been adding some of the worlds most advanced UAV technology to UAV Propulsion Tech to be able to provide these solutions to global UAV manufacturers. I am excited about the prospects for this revolutionary 3D-Printed Carbon-Nylon UAS and am confident Pegasus Aerospace is going to get lots of global interest for their 3D-Printed UAS and development services.“

About UAV Propulsion Tech:
UAV Propulsion Tech is a privately held US company that represents several companies from Germany, Austria, Canada, UK, France, Estonia, US and Sweden that provide solutions to the global market. Products include propulsion, servo, autopilot, gyro-stabilized EO/IR gimbals, pneumatic launchers, electric turbofans, fuel level/flow sensors, engine throttle/speed/temp sensors and rescue/recovery parachutes that are being used on several high-end UAV applications. Submersible ROV’s have also been added for underwater exploration along with UAV exploration.

UAV Propulsion Tech Contact: Bob Schmidt, PH: +1 (810) 441-1457, Email:, Website:

About Pegasus Aerospace:
Pegasus Aerospace is a highly innovative US Company, with years of experience in Structural Design, Avionics Technology, Propulsion Systems, and now a pioneer in the design and manufacture of complete Unmanned Aerial Systems using an entirely new technology of Additive Manufacturing for Airframe Main Systems and Sub Systems. Pegasus Aerospace, does all these at a much faster turnaround time and affordable prices compared to other companies providing similar services.

Pegasus Aerospace Contact: Eugen Toma, PH: +1 (850) 376-0991, Email:, Website:

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Tinley Park Says It LOUDly and Proudly: „Know the NO“

Ambitious student & parents campaign aims to reduce incidence of underage drinking

TINLEY PARK, IL, November 17, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — „Know the NO“ is the theme of an ambitious year-long campaign aimed at students and parents in the Tinley Park community to reduce the incidence of underage drinking. The campaign, which launched in October, has been created by Leaders Opposed to Underage Drinking (L.O.U.D.), a collaboration of community and educational leaders in these communities south of Chicago. L.O.U.D. is the brainchild of Bremen Youth Services, a social services agency that serves young people and families in the Bremen Township area.

The theme emphasizes that saying „no“ to alcohol is the norm in these communities, not the exception. The campaign is aimed at both students and parents and dispels two myths: first, that most teens use alcohol and second, parents often facilitate it because they acquiesce to their teens‘ claim that „everyone is doing it.“

„Fortunately, the facts don’t bear out that teenage drinking is rampant or that parents allow it to happen,“ said Donald J. Sebek, Executive Director of Bremen Youth Services. „Most teens in our area do not use alcohol; but any underage drinking is a potential problem and we want to make teens more comfortable saying „no“ to alcohol and empower parents to guide their children away from it.“

Last year, Tinley Park high school students participated in the 2016 Illinois Youth Survey conducted by the Center for Prevention Research. The survey found that seven out of ten students say „no“ to alcohol, despite the myth that underage drinking is common. Although uncommon, there are situations where the problem can be exacerbated by parents who believe that, if their teens are going to drink alcohol anyway, they might as well do it in a safer place where there is some control. This leads parents to acquiesce, even letting teens bring alcohol to parties in their home.

L.O.U.D.’s „Know the No“ program is two-pronged, with some activities focused on teens and others focused on parents. Tinley Park High School is the first participating school and the organizers hope to expand the campaign to other schools in the area and beyond in the near future.

Bremen Youth Services and L.O.U.D. have produced a series of communications pieces–display ads, banners, flyers and posters–which introduce the program and communicate key messages throughout the duration of the program. An online newsroom/website is where campaign news and key messaging will be frequently posted. Interested people can subscribe to or „follow“ the newsroom to receive the latest information as soon as it is posted.

Among the key messages the program hopes to communicate, based on results of the Illinois Youth Survey, are:
– Did you know… 7 out of 10 high school teens in your area say NO to alcohol? And if you don’t „NO“, now you KNOW.
– Only 8% of high school teens in your area report that you will be seen as „cool“ if you drink alcohol regularly.

The posters also include some information about adolescent substance and alcohol abuse based on findings of the National Surveys on Drug Use and Health. Discussing the consequences of being „drunk,“ they point out that intoxicated people have a harder time making good decisions, are less aware that their behavior may be inappropriate or risky and are less likely to recognize potential danger in the short term. Over the long term, teen alcohol use can interfere with normal brain development and can increase the chance that the teens will develop an alcohol use disorder later in life.

L.O.U.D. clearly understands that parents have a key role to play in preventing underage drinking and that is why the Know the NO program includes activities geared toward parents. According to program flyers, research shows that parents strongly influence whether or not teens choose to drink alcohol–80% of young people ages 10-18 say their parents are the leading influence on their decision to drink or not drink (source: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)).

An important goal is to dispel the myth that most area parents allow their teens to drink. The Illinois Youth Survey found that 62% of teens who participated in the survey reported that their parents will not provide them with alcohol.

Program communications to parents will include postcard mailers to all parents in the participating schools, internet and print ads, posters and flyers. There also will be in-school parent seminars. The key message is: „Empower Your Child: Thank You for Not Providing.“

Among the tips offered to parents are:
1. Show you disapprove of underage drinking–send a clear and strong message
2. Show you care about your child’s happiness and well-being–the conversation will go much better if you’re working with, not against, your child
3. Show you’re a good source of information about alcohol–you want to establish yourself as a trustworthy source of information, you don’t want your child to learn about alcohol from their friends, the internet or the media
4. Show you’re paying attention and you’ll notice if your child drinks–there are many ways to do this without prying.
5. Build your child’s skills and strategies for avoiding underage drinking–to prepare your child to resist peer pressure, you’ll need to build skills and practice them.

„We see the value in being up front with teens about alcohol use, and discussing it openly,“ said Sebek. „Most teens will listen to grownups‘ warnings about underage drinking, but they also will pay attention to what their peers say. That’s why the „Know the No“ program is about getting correct, no-nonsense information into the hands of the students.“

For more information about the „Know the NO“ program, please visit the program website at Information about Bremen Youth Services can be found at

About L.O.U.D.
L.O.U.D. (Leaders Opposed to Underage Drinking) is dedicated to creating healthy communities and schools that encourage alcohol free youth by implementing evidence-based strategies to fight the contributing factors of underage drinking. Although the two part campaign targets parents and youth separately, its goal is to make both groups aware of the fact underage sobriety is …read more

TechniTrader Black Friday Special!

The early bird gets the worm!

SEATTLE, WA, November 17, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Beat the crowd with the Black Friday Deal of the year!

TechniTrader is the most popular stock education company with students in 35 countries worldwide. Since 1998, TechniTrader has been offering the best stock courses for traders or investors. We have over 40 courses in a variety of formats to fit your needs and goals. We are your #1 source for Stock Market Courses and Education. TechniTrader has courses for new investors, with no experience to advanced traders working on becoming professional traders.

We have been teaching independent traders and investors how to trade or invest in the stock market since 1998 through primarily DVD and online courses, occasionally through live seminars. We have helped over 300,000 independent traders and investors achieve their financial goals. So lets get started!

Be the early bird and take advantage of our Black Friday Special!

Get the details: 888.846.5577

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Submit Your Selfie Film Or Video To New Website By Barbara Becker Holstein Featuring Selfie Films features selfie films and videos by teens and adults to celebrate the new genre of filmmaking

WILMINGTON, NC, November 17, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Selfie films are the newest genre of filmmaking. Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein is a pioneer in this new foray into creativity in which anyone can become a filmmaker. In her opinion, „selfies as film“ is a way to take what millions of kids and adults are doing on a daily basis and turn it into an intimate communication of feelings. Whether that video is then uploaded to a social media site, sent to a friend, sent to a stranger or just serves as a modern-day diary is for the viewer to ponder. Also for the viewer to ponder are ways in which the many powerful psychological subjects brought up in our films induce discussion and thought after viewing the film.

Dr. Holstein is now accepting requests to post selfie films on a website devoted to selfie films, The selfie filmmakers can submit their films for consideration at the site.

The focus of the site is to honor different facets of the Selfie Film phenomenon. It is a place to explore what makes these films so inviting psychologically and emotionally. The site will introduce visitors to a variety of people who are the creators of this new wave of filmmaking. They range in age from 6 to 100, and their films cover a variety of topics. From the depths of our souls to the lightest touch of humor, a new wave of filmmakers are exploring being human, being alive, sharing thoughts and feelings in a new way, and discovering all sorts of stories and plots they wish to tell and share via their smart phones.

Parents, grandparents, grown-ups, teachers, creative artists, humorists, story tellers (i.e. anyone over 13) can submit a video for consideration.

„As a Positive Psychologist, the importance of looking at our lives and the world from a positive perspective leads directly to the impact of the type of films I am producing creates,“ Dr. Holstein stated. „We all, regardless of age or station in life, face many challenges – the angst of the teen world, bullying, teen suicide, the dangers of drugs and violence and last but not least how important it is for women to have their fair share of the film industry, not just for money reasons but to shape our universe more clearly from both the female and male perspectives. These issues can all be addressed through films.“

„These kinds of films can present a balance to all the online harassment occurring today. Last month, during National Bullying Prevention Month, advertising BBDO and Monica Lewinsky put together an online campaign against cyberbullying that promoted the hashtag #clickwithcompassion. A recent piece in the New York Times entitled, „How Do You Stop Bullying? Advertisers Try to Help,“ featured a video in which the responses to bullying were captured on film. This is the kind of thing that can create a powerful response and much greater awareness. Now, with the advent of the Selfie Film concept, anyone can create their own. The value of that cannot be overestimated.“

Holstein’s short films have won numerous awards and accolades. ‚Secrets, A Coming of Age, Selfie Film‘, was nominated for the Alice Guy-Blache Women in Cinema Award at the Golden Door International Film Festival on October 7, 2017.

‚The Truth, A Short Film‘ premiered at the Garden State Film Festival and its song, ‚On The Edge of Something New‘ won the award as the best pop song of 2016. The short two minute film by Dr. Holstein, ‚The Truth, A Short Short Film‘, premiered at FilmOneFest in July. The film was chosen as an Official Selection in the Chain Film Festival held in Manhattan on August 13, 2016. The film was also selected by the Jersey City International Television and Film Festival (JCITFF), and was shown on November 5, 2016 at the Jersey City International Television and Film Festival. ‚The Truth, A Short Film‘ was officially selected for the Golden Door International Film Festival held in September 2016. Recently, it was shown at The Grove Film Festival in Jersey City and on May 21, 2017, the shorter version was shown at The Hang On To Your Shorts Film Festival in Asbury Park, New Jersey. ‚The Truth, A Short Film‘ was an official selection for the virtual Female Filmmakers Film Festival held on the web. There was a public voting of favorite films and ‚The Truth‘ came in 12th of 92 films. ‚The Truth, A Short Film‘ was an Official Selection at the Roselle Park Shorts Film Festival on September 25, 2017.

‚Falling in Love, A Coming of Age, Selfie Film, is detailed in a new ebook: ‚A Selfie Film – Falling In Love‘ by Dr. Holstein. This ebook details many of the issues and stories behind the creation of Dr. Holstein’s „selfie films“, which utilize cutting edge New Media technology. These films are Selfie Films assisted by a professional camera crew, resulting in an intensity and intimacy of performance. The topics and questions for discussion in the book can be used by a group of two, a parent and a child, or a group of hundreds as the universal subjects of growing up and handling tough issues are discussed.

‚Falling in Love‘ was an official selection at the Brightside Tavern Film Festival in Jersey City in early March, nominated for several awards, including ‚Best Experimental Film‘ and ‚Best New Jersey Short‘. It came in second place for ‚Best New Jersey Short‘.

‚Falling in Love‘ was an official selection also at The Hang On To Your Shorts Film Festival in Asbury Park on May 21, 2017. It was nominated for several awards, including Best Experimental Film, and Best Concept Film. Megan Brown, a high school freshman, who stars in ‚Falling in Love‘ received the ‚Rising Star Award‘ for her acting performance in ‚Falling in Love‘ at this Festival.

On June 19, 2017, at 7:00 PM, ‚The Truth‘, and ‚Falling in Love‘ was shown at the Monmouth County District …read more

Santa and SkyRunner Bringing Christmas Joy in a Brand New Sleigh

Now Families Can Win A Cool Christmas Adventure And Benefit Children Around The Country As Well.

SHREVEPORT, LA, November 17, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Following up on being chosen for the cover of the prestigious Hammacher Schlemmer Christmas catalog, SkyRunner, the maker of the world’s first PowerSport Aircraft is partnering with Santa to create a new way to bring Christmas joy. While Santa remains loyal to his reindeer, he has also realized that his sleigh needs updating, and so he is choosing the SkyRunner Mk3, the world’s first PowerSport Aircraft since Santa’s first sleigh as his new ride for 2017.

In an exclusive interview, Santa noted that even Rudolph can’t get to very difficult locations, and since SkyRunner can do 70 MPH off-road, and flies over 40 MPH at heights up to 10,000 feet, it is the perfect new alternative for his very important trips.

Consistent with Santa’s gift-giving model, SkyRunner is announcing a sweepstakes in which families can win a free day with SkyRunner where they can experience the gift of flight and off-road adventure. To launch the Sweepstakes, SkyRunner is sending 18-wheelers across the country with unique pictures of Santa and Mrs. Claus in their new ride. Each truck has messaging appropriate for the iconic settings Santa is traveling to, and information on entering the Sweepstakes.

SkyRunner is partnering with, a Social Referral Marketing Platform, to run the Sweepstakes. Anyone can text the word SkyRunner to the number 555888 or scan the QR code below and follow the steps to enter to win a full day of flying! Grabbr facilitates people sharing about SkyRunner with their friends in exchange for entering to win a day of SkyRunner for themselves and their friends and family!

Stewart Hamel, the developer of SkyRunner, commented that „Whenever people see SkyRunner, they immediately ask if they can fly in it so we thought it would make a great Christmas present for a family and their friends to have a whole day of adventure.“ He added that „In the spirit of the season, a portion of all SkyRunner sales through New Year’s Eve will be used to buy gifts for children affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, as an additional way of spreading Christmas joy.“

Developed and refined over years of testing, with input from some of the leading authorities in the world, SkyRunner makes flying easier, safer, and more affordable than ever, and combines the practical benefit of owning a world-class ATV with a very economical and safe way to fly.

SkyRunner is FAA approved as a Light Sport Aircraft. Since SkyRunner can carry two passengers and more than 580 pounds of usable weight in flight which is the heaviest approved takeoff weight of any LSA, Santa has plenty of ability to carry lots of gifts around the world.

Michael Rybarski, Managing Partner at LifeChange Ventures and a Senior Advisor to SkyRunner, stated: „We’re making entering the Sweepstakes as easy and fun as it is to learn to fly SkyRunner. We encourage people to look for the trucks throughout the country. We’ve equipped each truck with unique GRABBR beacons that will send information on entering the sweepstakes to Android users near the trucks. In addition, anyone can enter at any time by simply going to SkyRunner’s Facebook page or website at“

Each truck is also equipped with GPS trackers, so fans can follow Santa and SkyRunner around the country in real time. Rybarski continued, „We can let people know when the trucks are coming into their areas, and who knows, Santa and SkyRunner may be showing up in New York or Chicago around the time of their Christmas parade!“

Mr. Hamel commented further: „We were honored to be selected for the Hammacher Christmas catalog and look to give back with this promotion that allows children to receive gifts, but also to give a very special gift to one lucky family and their friends.“

SkyRunner is a privately-owned company with its production facilities located in Shreveport, LA. It is committed to the highest quality, and safety in the products it builds– making the dream of flight both real and practical for businesses, individuals, and enthusiasts.

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The American Health Council Education Board Welcomes Carol Delville PhD, RN, ACNS-BC

Carol Delville PhD, RN, ACNS-BC will be bringing her commitment to rigorous healthcare education to the American Health Council’s Education Board.

NEW YORK, NY, November 16, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Carol Delville PhD, RN, ACNS-BC will be bringing her commitment to rigorous healthcare education to the American Health Council’s Education Board. With a variety of diverse positions and a remarkable 37 years in the healthcare industry, Dr. Delville has refined her clinical intuition and teaching capacities to near-perfection. The American Health Council is eager to add seasoned Clinical Professor Dr. Delville to its extended network of healthcare professionals.

As the eldest of five children, Dr. Delville’s interest in clinical care developed at a young age. Her interest in nursing dates back to age three when she received a Christmas present from her parents. This gift, a nursing cart filled with supplies and a dolls bed, was her first „skills“ lab experience. Searching for a way to translate her interest into a profession, Dr. Delville pursued a career in nursing. She entered Albany Medical Center School of Nursing in Albany, New York and graduated in 1980 with a Diploma in Nursing. Soon after, Dr. Delville began critical care nursing in Kingston City Hospital followed by three years at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. After moving to Boston, Massachusetts in 1986, she work in the Veteran’s Administration as a critical care and research nurse, and subsequently met her husband Yvon Delville, then a doctoral candidate in Neuroscience and Behavior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. In 1999 the family moved to Austin, Texas, where her husband became a Professor in the Department of Psychology at The University of Texas at Austin.

Throughout her upbringing, Dr. Delville’s parents instilled the importance of education. This appreciation gave her the motivation to pursue a terminal degree and become a recognized authority in her field. Dr. Delville enrolled in the RN-BSN program at The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing, graduated in 2001, and was accepted in the Graduated School at The University of Texas at Austin, upon which she earned her Master of Science Degree in Adult Health Nursing in 2003 and her PhD in 2008. Dr. Delville is a Board-Certified Adult Health Clinical Nurse Specialist (ACNS-BC).

After mastering advanced clinical practice, Dr. Delville transitioned to a teaching position where she could share the substantial clinical experience and wisdom she gained throughout her career as a practicing nurse. She has occupied her present position as Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing at the University of Texas at Austin for nine of her total 37 years in the healthcare industry. In this capacity, Dr. Delville oversees the clinical placement of nursing students and teaches as clinical faculty in the the advanced practice programs.

Dr. Delville demonstrates initiative in all aspects of her nursing career. In addition to her professorship, she also has an active collaborative practice in the long-term care setting. The site provides opportunities for students to work with residents with multiple chronic medical conditions and develop projects to improve the quality of their care. Her active education style engages students with case studies and encourages advanced practice nursing students to develop critical diagnostic clinical reasoning skills through class discussions and inter-professional projects.

An active contributor to medical research, Dr. Delville has continued to focus on adult-gerontology in her teaching and research at The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing since her graduation. She has conducted dynamic prior research covering various topics in adult-gerontology. Her research has examined inter-professional education and how technology can improve communication between team-members, geriatric health and strategies to manage multiple chronic medical conditions, and the use of community service learning to develop the quality improvement skills for Clinical Nurse Specialist students. The American Health Council applauds Dr. Delville for her academic contributions to a section of the nursing field that will drastically benefit from improvement. In her professional future, she hopes to transition into an associate teaching position and contribute to a linkage of programs at the University of Texas at Austin.

Dr. Delville’s outstanding academic capabilities and passion for her profession have been honored and acknowledged many times throughout her illustrious career. As a student, Dr. Delville was supported in her doctoral studies through a John A. Hartford Scholar: Building Academic Excellence in Nursing award. She is a University of Texas at Austin Senior Provost Teaching Fellow, University of Texas at Austin Center for Excellence in LTC: Education Director, and National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialist: Co-Chair of the 2018 National Conference. Dr. Delville brings this professional authority to her continued service to her profession. Presently, Dr. Delville proudly serves as a journal reviewer for Journal of Professional Nursing, Research in Gerontological Nursing, Applied Nursing Research, and Journal of Cardiac Failure. In this capacity, she examines cutting-edge nursing advancements and research, shaping the future of her professional field. In addition to this inspiring list of commanding positions and honors, Dr. Delville maintains professional associations with the Texas Department of Aging and Disabilities as well as the Texas Clinical Nurse Specialist: Educational Committee.

Dr. Delville holds her family dear to her heart, proudly supported by her siblings and husband. Dr. Carol Delville and her husband, Dr. Yvon Delville, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this year. To unwind in her free time, she enjoys cooking, fly fishing, and reading novels. Dr. Delville’s extensive research, academic, and clinical contributions add to a vision of better healthcare both locally and nationally. The American Health Council’s Board of Education is eager to bring Dr. Delville’s distinctive clinical insight aboard.

About the American Health Council:

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Softseed Launches ‚Good Calendar‘ IOS Version Hit 0.3 Million Downloads of Android Version!

Highlight for a new concept calendar application with drag and drop

ANYANG, KOREA, November 16, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Noteworthy start-up ‚Softseed‘ has released ‚Good calendar‘ IOS version this month. The existing Android version proved to be popular with many users by recording 300,000 cumulative downloads within two years of its launch.

The core technology of ‚Good Calendar‘ is ‚Drag & Drop‘ user environment. Drag & Drop UX of ‚Good Calendar‘ for simple schedule entry was patented in 2014 under the name ‚Schedule Generation Cellphone and Schedule Generation Method‘ and registered in Korea last October. It is currently filed in the U.S.A. and awaiting examination. Everyone can easily manage their schedules with Drag & Drop, which is considered to be a breakthrough.

Good calendar is not only domestically but also overseas. Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, the U.S.A., Germany, France, and other countries‘ users take about half of the whole users. There are many countries and users who use ‚lunar calendar‘, ‚Good Calendar‘ IOS version launched this time has just the same ‚Lunar Repeat‘ function as Android version.

Moreover, some functions just for ‚IOS version‘ are added by receiving users‘ feedback, unlike the Android version. One of the functions is the display option setting, which allows you to change the font for date of the calendar when changing the font size. Other new additional option is also added based on users‘ feedback which users are not familiar with setting time when adding new entry. This new option allows users to set the existing usual time setting design.

In addition to improving accessibility by using 3D touch, which is only available in IOS, for users who are not comfortable with ‚Drag & Drop UX‘, ‚IOS version‘ provides most of the functions as video tutorials in the menu. This will be also applied to ‚Android version‘ in the very close future.

„We are not satisfied with the current status and we are constantly preparing for the update in consideration of the users‘ environment,“ said Lee, Seung-Mi, and „We are actively promoting memo functions and upgrading backup functions currently.“ She also said „Since this app has so many different functions, we are considering some of the features to be released as a simple app separately.“

Meanwhile, ‚Good Calendar‘ from Softseed has been steadily loved by users since its launch in 2015. In the meantime, there have been various changes such as application stabilization, D-day widget skin enhancement, changeable size of each widget, memo backup/ recovery, additional web calendar synchronization, schedule file backup/recovery function, this changes lead people to look forward its potential development.

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