HTS Global AG

HTS is a manufacturer of heating cables

HTS Global AG is a leading manufacturer when it comes to self-regulating heating cables. HTS Global AG headquarter is based in Zug, Switzerland and offers their clients high-quality heating cables. „We offer solutions for all different types of applications“, says Fabian de Soet, CEO of HTS Global AG.

HTS has positioned itself in front row of the market of heating cables and accessories and keeps pushing itself to provide the best service, with a great product and absolutely competitive prices.

To give you some more information about the different heating cables, we would like to introduce a few different types to you.

ThermTrace Micro: The HTS TTM is a construction grade self-regulating heating tape that may be used for freeze protection, or low temperature maintenance of pipework and vessels.

ThermTrace Lite: The HTS TTL is a construction and light industrial grade self-regulating heating tape that may be used for freeze protection, or low temperature maintenance of pipework and vessels.

ThermTrace Regular: The HTS TTR is a construction and industrial grad self-regulating heating tape that may be used for freeze protection, or low temperature maintenance of pipework and vessels.

ThermTrace Super: The HTS TTS is an industrial grade self-regulating heating tape that may be used for freeze protection, or temperature maintenance of pipework and vessels.

This is just a small range of the cabels that HTS Global AG produces. All of these cables are specialized for different areas and temperatures. For more information, HTS Global AG is always more than happy to help you with your needs.


GMC AG mit Hauptsitz in Zug/Schweiz, ist mit zahlreichen Business Centern international in Amerika, Australien, Asien und Europa vertreten. In seinen Business Centern stehen Betriebswirte, Steuerberater, Marketing- und Unternehmensberater den Kunden zur Verfügung, die seit über 20 Jahren in den Bereichen Business Center, Firmengründung und Managementberatung tätig sind.

GMC Global Management Consultants AG
Rieta Vanessa
Gubelstrasse 12
6300 Zug
0041 41 560 77 00

intelligentgraphics and ViewAR join forces

ViewAR and intelligentgraphics bring products like furniture to the clients‘ homes

intelligentgraphics and ViewAR join forces

(Source: Copyright ViewAR. All Rights Reserved.)

ViewAR, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, is a leading provider of easy-to-use, powerful Augmented Reality (AR) applications, for a wide range of application fields. ViewAR integrates different technology stacks to provide the best user experience for various mobile target platforms.

Germany-based company intelligentgraphics has been focusing on smart 3D data for years; and provides data-creation and integration tool chains to support various commercial infrastructures in the field of product configuration and e-commerce. The data can then be used from photo-realistic renderings to interactive AR/VR/MR applications.

The partnership between ViewAR and intelligentgraphics gives birth to one of the strongest joint ventures when it comes to 3D content creation and visualization for retail.

It“s now possible to create AR applications for iOS and Android applications that use configurable 3D content over an automated interface from intelligentgraphics. The apps will have access to the full feature set of ViewAR like room measuring, material switch, screenshots, saving projects to the cloud, staging, and lots more.

Imagine viewing the sofa you just saw on any website in true scale, with your desired preferences and colors, in your living room just seconds later.

An approach that is desired by more and more clients, as consumers want more than just fun from Augmented Reality, actually being interested in practical, daily-life AR/VR applications.

While there“re many useful and promising applications for AR/VR/MR, for commercial interior design of end consumer requirements, AR is a disrupting technology! This exactly is the primary focus of the announced cooperation.

About ViewAR

ViewAR™ is one of the leading Augmented Reality systems, providing the only AR-/VR-template systems for various industries. Awarded with the Auggie 2016 for „World Best AR App“ it is proven, that there is no other system that combines such a large feature set with templates that fit various industries. Furthermore ViewAR has been identified as Cool Vendor by the international tech-analyst GARTNER in May 2017.

Web site:

Contact: Markus Meixner, Founder and CTO

About intelligentgraphics

intelligentgraphics has long experience in mobile and Web applications for B2B applications that consistently meet end-consumer usability requirements. It“s unique selling proposition, however, is the development and provision of technologies and services for the creation, management and application of highly parametric, realistic and even interactive 3D data, which can cooperate with existing commercial infrastructures and run in different target applications/platforms.

Web site:

Contact: Ekkehard Beier, Founder and CEO/CTO

intelligentgraphics has long experience in mobile and Web applications for B2B applications that consistently meet end-consumer usability requirements. It“s unique selling proposition, however, is the development and provision of technologies and services for the creation, management and application of highly parametric, realistic and even interactive 3D data, which can cooperate with existing commercial infrastructures and run in different target applications/platforms.

intelligentgraphics GmbH
Ekkehard Beier
Schwanitzstrasse 1
+49 (0) 3677 811 9380 0

intelligentgraphics GmbH
Michael Barthelmes
Schwanitzstrasse 1
+49 (0) 3677 811 9380 0

Shallow form with deep bass response – AXTON’s bass box ATB120

With the ATB120 car audio specialist AXTON presents a powerful bass reflex subwoofer that also scores for its compact dimensions.

Shallow form with deep bass response - AXTON

AXTON’s subwoofer ATB120

Whichever way you look at it: you always find a place for the new bass box ATB120 from car audio specialist AXTON. The shallow form with 20 cm subwoofer chassis and reflex port is guaranteed to fit into almost any trunk with its practical dimensions: Flat on the floor or hidden in the the double floor, fixed on the side panel or even on the rear seat backrest – you’ll appreciate the extremely small footprint.
The bass reflex box ATB120 is designed for music lovers who do not want to compromise on luggage space or bass power on the road. Of minimal size 13.5 x 48.5 x 34.5 cm, the ATB120 produces enormous bass waves with the greatest of ease, setting an impressive stage for every electro beat, every guitar riff, and every bass drum.
AXTON’s new bass reflex subwoofer is a completely new design whereby the intended purpose, size of the enclosure, practical suitability, and fitting have been perfectly matched. In the solid enclosure there is a powerful 20 cm woofer at work that packs a punch: With a very stiff cone out of a combination of air dried paper and a woven layer of fiber glass with a butyl rubber surround, and a large 2 x 2 ohms 1.5″/38 mm voice coil on a Kapton former, the driver is well equipped to produce powerful bass with a fast attack.
The enclosure is made of MDF and covered with robust felt. To minimize air turbulence the port is flow optimized. The terminal offers various connection options to allow a free choice of amplifier. With the connector the plug and play bass box is quickly connected to the amplifier, and can be removed from the trunk just as fast if required.
The awesome output of 200 watts RMS, outstanding build quality, and the attractive price of 149 Euro make the smart ATB120 a convincing total package for the straightforward implementation of an in-car bass system.

The brand AXTON has been popular with car enthusiasts for almost 30 years. AXTON’s products are regularly recognized in trade magazines for their high price performance ratio. The range includes amplifiers and various loudspeakers for car retrofitting: component and coaxial systems, bass boxes, and also compact under seat woofers.

Denny Krauledat
Bohrturmweg 1
5330 Bad Zurzach

punctum, Lechner und Peter GbR
Michaela Lechner
Schönstedtstr. 7
12043 Berlin

LAG Hamm – Prohibited surveillance in the workplace

LAG Hamm – Prohibited surveillance in the workplace

LAG Hamm - Prohibited surveillance in the workplace

Monitoring employees using video surveillance is only permitted within narrow boundaries. Illegal recordings cannot therefore be used as evidence in the context of workplace legal disputes.

There are justifiable reasons for monitoring the workplace using video cameras. Particularly in areas which are accessible to the public such as storefronts, video cameras are a common sight. However, this needs to be readily apparent to customers and employees alike. We at the commercial law firm GRP Rainer Rechtsanwälte also note that the recordings must always be deleted as soon as possible once they are no longer capable of fulfilling their intended purpose or the legitimate interests of the persons“ affected preclude their ongoing storage.

In a case heard by the Landesarbeitsgericht (LAG) Hamm, the Regional Labour Court of Hamm, a storefront had been monitored by three video cameras. This was clearly indicated and the employees were informed. According to the employer, the video surveillance was meant to provide information on criminal offences committed by third parties. The employer went on to claim, however, that an analysis of the video footage also revealed that one of the employees had acquired money or goods by illegal means. The employer terminated the employment relationship with immediate effect and demanded compensation in the amount of approximately 10,000 euros.

The employee in question initially instituted an action for wrongful dismissal but later withdrew this. She nonetheless demanded payment of her outstanding wages and that the claim for compensation be dismissed. The relevant labour court found in favour of the employee, and the employer“s subsequent appeal before the LAG Hamm was unsuccessful.

In its judgment from June 12, 2017, the LAG Hamm held that the employer had not been able to demonstrate misconduct that would justify the extent of the claim for compensation. Furthermore, the video footage could not be used as evidence. The Court went on to say that the video sequences were excluded from being used as evidence for reasons of data protection and individual privacy. It ruled that any data collected must always be deleted immediately once it is no longer required for the purposes of achieving its aim or the legitimate interests of those affected preclude its ongoing storage. The Court proceeded on the basis of a period of one to two or certainly no more than a few business days. In the instant case, the data had been stored for three months. After weighing up the interests of all sides, the OLG found that this data protection violation gave rise to an exclusion of evidence.

Lawyers who are experienced in the field of employment law can advise on all matters pertaining to the workplace.

GRP Rainer LLP is an international firm of lawyers and tax advisors who are specialists in commercial law. The firm counsels commercial and industrial companies and corporations, as well as associations, small- and mid-sized businesses, self-employed freelancers and private individuals worldwide from offices Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and London UK.

GRP Rainer LLP
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Gentle finishing of extremely hard surfaces

Overlapping rotational work piece movement is the basis for even, all-around surface finishes

Gentle finishing of extremely hard surfaces

The spindles allow the processing of batches of up to 18 work pieces. For this photo different work

At this year“s IMTS Walther Trowal is introducing the new drag finisher M-TMD 6M for treating high-value components that require a first-class surface quality. The new drag machines will place a mirror polish on the hardest materials – even on ceramic components. With these machines the costs for polishing can be reduced to a fraction of the costs for manual surface grinding and polishing. But even more important: They ensure absolutely repeatable, high-quality finishing results within an extremely narrow tolerance band.

Walther Trowal developed these new machines specifically for treating high-value components requiring extremely careful handling for the complete finishing process. For example, they are utilized for finishing the surface of turbine blades, impellers for turbo chargers, precision components for pumps and compressors as well as for orthopedic implants.

The new drag machines of the M-series have a carousel with multiple rotating workstations. In turn each workstation is equipped with spindle heads containing several spindle drives onto which the work pieces are attached with special fixtures. In addition, these machines also contain a stationary work bowl filled with grinding or polishing media. As the work pieces are „dragged“ through the stationary media mass, the simultaneous rotational work piece movement by carousel, workstations and spindles creates different overlapping patterns, which ensure an even and intensive coverage of the complete work piece surface.

Christoph Cruse, director of sales at Walther Trowal, foresees a big demand for these machines at some of his customers who produce delicate, high-value components. He explains: „With our new machines we want to assist the manufacturers of work pieces that must receive the best possible surface finish, and where even the slightest surface flaw or scratch might cause them to be scrapped. Furthermore, we target parts where deviations from the dimensional specifications of a few thousands mm can be a detrimental. The M-TMD drag finishers with their perfect surface coverage open brand-new possibilities for finishing such work pieces.“

Die M-TMD 4 drag finisher is equipped with four work stations and can process 12 parts in one single batch; the M-TMD 6 – with six work stations allows batch sizes of up to 18 pieces.

At this year“s IMTS Walther Trowal also displays a range of mass finishing equipment including rotary vibrators, the MV multi vib vibrators and a high-energy centrifugal disk finishing machine.

One drag finishing success story:
Polishing of the extremely wear resistant ceramic coating on orthopedic implants

One example for the successful use of the new drag finishers is a process, specifically developed by Walther Trowal, for polishing of knee femorals made from a chromium-nickel alloy, which are covered with a ceramic coating applied with a special vapor deposit method. To date these parts had to be finished manually in time consuming multiple steps with the risk of high quality fluctuations.

After a pre-grinding step the ceramic coating is polished in the new M-TMD drag finisher with a polishing medium specifically developed for this application. The result: Although the ceramic coating is extremely hard, the drag finisher produces a very smooth, shiny and highly wear resistant finish from the initially rough surface condition. The new coating extends the fatigue life of the implants from to date about 20 up to 30 years!

In developing this process Walther Trowal took an entirely new approach. Instead of using relatively soft polishing materials the company is adding an extremely hard substance to the polishing medium, namely diamond powder.

Christoph Cruse explains the advantages of the new process as follows: „Soft materials can be polished relatively easily. But the manual polishing of extremely hard coatings has been extremely difficult, especially because an even surface finish is essential for the functionality of the component. In the case of vapor deposit coating, with a layer thickness of just a few microns, it is essential not to remove too much of the coating material from the part surface. With the M-TMD drag finishing technology and the new polishing media we have resolved this difficulty: The finish is absolutely even on the entire surface area of the implants.“

Walther Trowal at the IMTS 2018
September 10 – 15, 2018, Chicago, IL, USA
North Building, Level 3, Booth 236609

The technical details

In standard drag finishers the work pieces are directly mounted to the workstations and „dragged“ through the stationary media bed producing an extremely high processing intensity. This method is more than adequate for most work pieces and produces excellent finishing results.

The new M-TMD systems allow one additional rotational movement, namely that of the spindles mounted to the workstations. The multi-spindle heads on the workstations can be also be angled allowing the adaptation of the media coverage on the work piece surface to different work piece geometries.

All process steps, from cut-down, over surface smoothing to the final polishing, take place in the same machine, without having to remove the work pieces from the spindles.

The new drag finishers are suitable for dry as well as wet processing. In wet processes for cut-down, surface smoothing and, occasionally, for polishing, special finishing compounds are used. For the targeted edge radiusing within a tolerance range of a few thousands mm, like for example for tungsten carbide drill bits or milling tools, dry grinding media are utilized. Dry processing is also used for high gloss polishing with special pastes and polishing media.

Facts about Walther Trowal

For 85 years Walther Trowal has been a pioneer and market leader in various surface treatment technologies. The company offers modular and custom engineered solutions for a wide range of surface treatment problems.

Initially only making vibratory finishing equipment, over the years Walther Trowal has continuously broadened its product range and today offers a wide portfolio of equipment and services for improving all kinds of surfaces, e.g. mass finishing, part cleaning, shot blasting and drying of a wide spectrum of work pieces, last but not least, the coating of mass produced small parts.

Walther Trowal offers not only various types of equipment but complete surface treatment systems: By linking the various equipment modules and automating the complete process, we are able to precisely adapt our process technologies to the technical requirements of our customers. This also includes various types of peripheral equipment and process water cleaning and recycling systems. Of course, we also offer comprehensive pre- and after-sale service like sample processing in one of our demonstration labs and global repair and maintenance service.

Walther Trowal serves many customers in many industries around the world. For example, in the automotive and aerospace industry, medical engineering and wind power generation.

Walther Trowal in America

The recently opened „Tech & Training Centre“ of the Walther Trowal LLC in Grand Rapids, Michigan has, among other equipment, a test lab for the „Trowal Coating“ technology allowing interested customers informing themselves about the most suitable coating method for their work pieces.

Trowal has also extended its presence in Latin America by recently opening a sales office in Mexico, which is, of course, using the knowhow and resources of the Grand Rapids facility.

Walther Trowal GmbH & Co.KG
Georg Harnau
Rheinische Str. 35-37
42781 Haan, Germany
+49 2129.571-0
+49 2129.571-225

VIP Kommunikation
Regina Reinhardt
Dennewartstraße 25-27
52068 Aachen, Germany

Certification of the F6-GMC900 according to VPAM VR9 / BRV 2009

Certification of the F6-GMC900 according to VPAM VR9 / BRV 2009

For over 30 years, WELP Group has been implementing projects successfully for the automotive industry and is one of the leading manufacturers of armoured vehicles today in the fields of development and manufacture. WELP develop and produce customised and armoured vehicles to the very highest automotive production standards and the highest ballistic levels. The certified bulletproof portfolio for sales includes SUVs, pick-ups, transporter vans and commercial vehicles for every conceivable mission throughout the world.

The armoured vehicles are backed up with a customer service, technical training courses, driver training, and spare parts supplies directly at the place of deployment.

As an addition to the present and broad product portfolio, a new armoured vehicle based on GMC Yukon XL Denali is now available at the WELP Group. The F6-GMC900 is extremely large-scale and robust offering lots of space for cargo or transportation of passengers. Furthermore it impresses with its luxury interiors and highly premium features making it the ideal vehicle for VIP transports.
This vehicle was displayed at the leading European defence and security exhibition „Eurosatory“ in Paris this year. The exhibition is hosted by the French Ministry of Defense and attracts a large audience of delegates, authorities and military representatives in the curse of two years. In particular, the F6-GMC900, based on the GMC Yukon XL Denali, which was an essential element of our exhibition stand, was very well received by the trade fair visitors
It is designed to withstand various threats ranging from machine gun shots to several explosives. To prove that, the armoured F6-GMC900 was tested and approved under stringent conditions by the German Beschussamt Mellrichstadt (German ballistic testing agency) and is now certified according to VPAM VR9 / BRV2009 guidelines.

At close range and accurate to the millimeter, several gunshots of the caliber 7.62 x 51 mm (hard-scope-HC) have been fired at the vehicle at a speed of 820 m/s +- 10. The successful ballistic certification according to VPAM BRV yet again proves and demonstrates the high quality standards to which the WELP Group is committed to.

In addition to the ballistic test, our armoured vehicle has also proved its reliability against DM51 hand grenades, of which two grenades were detonated simultaneously beneath the vehicle in accordance with the ERV 2010 guideline.

Only vehicles that can withstand these extreme scenarios are awarded with VPAM VR9 / BRV2009 and ERV2010 certificates. Hence the F6-GMC900 lines up along with the equally successful product portfolio of WELP Group and is now available at your request.

The armoured GMC has already been inquired many times and is now part of a large volume order involving nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

WELP Armouring develops and produces customized and armoured vehicles to meet the highest automotive productions
standards and cover the highest ballistic levels.
Our certified armouring portfolio entails SUVs, pick-ups, transporter vans and commercial vehicles for every conceivable mission throughout the world.
Customized one-of-a-kind vehicles or exclusive limited
editions from German vehicle manufacturers – whatever the requirements are, our armouring solutions are unfailingly
produced using certified, high-quality ballistic materials that
are monitored by an efficient quality management system.

Welp Holding GmbH
Ronald Gerschewski
Beekebreite 18-20
49124 Georgsmarienhütte
+49 (0) 54 01 / 490-0
+49 (0) 54 01 / 42705

CIRCOR“s ALLWEILER EMTEC-C® raises the performance bar for machine tool coolant service

CIRCOR"s ALLWEILER EMTEC-C® raises the performance bar for machine tool coolant service

Visit to learn more. | Picture: CIRCOR International

Radolfzell, Germany (August 8th, 2018) – CIRCOR announces the launch of EMTEC-C®, the next generation of the Allweiler three-screw pump that moves abrasive machine chips, particles and heat away from cutting surfaces in high-pressure machine tool coolant service, delivering improved durability and best-in-class efficiency.

Intended for use in metalworking applications, transfer lines, and grinding and deep drilling machines, EMTEC-C delivers coolant at a higher rate than centrifugal pumps, allowing machines to run at peak levels without compromising tool life.

„We“ve improved EMTEC-C to achieve maximum three-screw pump efficiency with a lighter weight and fewer components,“ said Kapil Rai, CIRCOR Vice President, Industrial Pumps, EMEA, India & Asia. „It also features several difference-making innovations.“

Those include:
– A new screw system with a patented reversed hanging idler and integrated thrust compensation system for durability, reliability and precision
– Improvements to seal life expectancy and need for maintenance
– A unique transparent backflow pipe that alerts the user to possible medium return into the system
– An extra-long piston to minimize flow loss
– The option of connecting a pressure sensor to the frequency controller for easy control and measurement

In addition, the surface of EMTEC-C has a hardness similar to ceramic in the housing bores, yet is elastic enough to eliminate the danger of bore surface fracture.

Rai added that users interested in a new solution will find that EMTEC-C is interchangeable with previous models and available in different sizes and spindle pitch angles to accommodate tank-top, submerged and horizontal installation configurations.

CIRCOR International, Inc. (NYSE: CIR) designs, manufactures and markets differentiated flow control products and sub-systems for Energy, Aerospace & Defense and Industrial customers. The Company has a diversified product portfolio of recognized, market-leading brands (Allweiler®, Houttuin™, Imo®, Leslie Controls, Rosscor®, RTK, Schroedahl, Tushaco®, Warren® and Zenith®) that fulfill its customers“ mission critical needs.

Christian Martin
Allweilerstr. 1
78315 Radolfzell
+49 (0)7732 86-440
+49 (0)7732 86-99440

Tenncom GmbH
Sina Freivogel
Robert-Gerwig-Str. 35
78315 Radolfzell
+49 (0)7732 95 39 42
+49 (0)7732 95 39 39

Prototype Technology Must Stay Up To Date

Becker and Mueller Schaltungsdruck GmbH: 6-digit investments in state-of-the-art technology in PCB production

Prototype Technology Must Stay Up To Date

Invisible from the outside at first glance, processes are running at the state of the art

Product developers know that they need to engage in a close exchange with the producers at all times for prototypes of their PCBs to ensure that they are producible as planned. Exotic or highly innovative requirements quickly reach the limits of feasibility, since the production lines are not designed for certain prototypes or demands. Becker & Müller Schaltungsdruck GmbH from Kinzigtal in the Black Forest know this, of course. Prototype production is one of the focuses in this company. Therefore, an amazing 6-digit total has been put into modernisation of the production lines in the recent past there, in order to offer the latest technology at all times.

Becker & Müller were busy during the production-free time between Christmas and Epiphany. They focused on modernising their plants. Of course, it had all been planned with the corresponding lead time. The calmer time around the change of the year had been reserved for implementation.

Changing and new requirements from the clients that kept growing more and more demanding had made this step necessary. Anything that is doable at some point, in some manner, will be done by someone – and production must be ready for it. However, these investments are often impossible to calculate in advance from a business management point of view. It is impossible to tell if the technologies currently demanded will prevail on the market in the long run as well. Investments in the right direction can only be made with a confident sense of which developments will continue. It has paid off to look ahead of developments and to offer the production options before they are actually needed. An open eye and a certain sense of the market are a good insurance for proper investments.

For example, Becker & Müller Schaltungsdruck have now invested in development and modernisation of the wet process with a vacuum etching module by PILL. The industry has already had some good experiences with the vacuum etching technology. Standard PCBs starting at a thickness of 50 μm and reaching up to 5 mm can be processed in reliable quality on one and the same plant. The technical update now permits implementation of even finer structures in higher qualities than before. The detailed plans for the improvement were able to mostly avoid interruptions of the ongoing process. A team of technicians from PILL was on site and able to support the work immensely well.

Becker & Müller Schaltungsdruck GmbH broadened its footprint on the market by its acquisition of Häfele. The organically developed customer base with its individual and new demands provides a good overview of what will determine the future framework for requirements in the industry. The previous base material storage had grown too small, requiring an investment of 26,000 Euro in order to bring operation of the warehouse to the newly required skills and the necessary size. The customers taken over from Häfele had some different requirements from the previous customer base where base materials were concerned. This led to some further options to choose from among HF materials.

The base material storage was enlarged and the computer-supported warehouse management was updated and improved. For example, the system will easily find its way between FR4 or PTFE materials in the great material diversity in the paternoster warehouse, quickly and reliably retrieving the right material for any customer’s order.

Analysis also showed that use of HotAir is still widespread in tinning of PCBs. Modernisation of the surface area is therefore another investment with a good outlook. At the same time, the pre- and post-cleaning steps in the process were changed. HAL surfaces are more cost-efficient than chemical SN or chemical Ni/Au and therefore, of course, in high demand among the customers. Since plant builders also continue to develop new features, the investment in this area also meant investing in improved quality, reducing maintenance intervals by separate pre-cleaning and increasing employee productivity with a buffer.

Environmental aspects and quality increase are important aspects in decision-making at Becker & Müller Schaltungsdruck GmbH. Detailed test series with thorough analyses showed that surfaces are becoming more even in the newer process, as proven by their microsections. This production area alone had an investment volume of approx. 80,000 Euro.

It’s impossible to do without computer-based processes in modern productions anymore today. Data protection is one central item. Therefore, it was clear that this area also needed to be part of the service provider’s investment strategy. In order to minimise external influences and risks, locally separate EDP systems, RAID systems and further backup strategies were developed. It was an investment in safety and future capability. This also meant moving towards the new EU General Data Protection Regulation GDPR (2016). European data protection law has been updated. After a transfer period until May 2018, specified companies must have adjusted their processes, procedures and hardware to prevent damage for other companies and persons.
The galvanisation machine received a „software facelift“ as well, and program input for the individual panels through a data matrix code reader was automated. It was already possible to foresightedly anticipate further developments in operability, the latest safety requirements and upcoming reinforcements in the overall IT strategy. This is another investment with a good perspective.

Further investments are put on the technology roadmap at Becker & Müller. No matter if they are made for another measuring machine in the test area or a new system for drill management: The bidirectional exchange between the development department of the product manufacturers and the DFM department of the PCB producers has proven to fertilise healthy developments.

More Information:

Unsere Firma befindet sich im schönen Kinzigtal im mittleren Schwarzwald, in der Nähe von Offenburg. Lohnenswerte Attraktionen in der Umgebung sind das Freilichtmuseum Gutach und der Europapark Rust. Wir arbeiten da, wo andere Urlaub machen!

Wir sind ein Dienstleistungsunternehmen, das sich auf Leiterplatten in Muster und Kleinserie spezialisiert hat.

Das Produktspektrum reicht von einseitigen Leiterplatten bis zu 20-lagigen Multilayern. Sie können bei uns auch Starrflex und spezielle HF-Substrate erhalten.

Ihre Aufträge schnell und pünktlich abzuwickeln, ist eine große Stärke unseres Teams. Bei der Abwicklung Ihres Auftrags legen wir großen Wert auf Qualität und Präzision.

Zu unserem Kundenstamm zählen vor allem Ingenieurbüros und Entwicklungsabteilungen der unterschiedlichsten Branchen. Seit Jahrzehnten schenken uns langjährige Kunden ihr Vertrauen. Daraus konnte sich eine 25-jährige Erfolgsgeschichte entwickeln.

Becker & Müller Schaltungsdruck GmbH
Xaver Müller
Bildstöckle 11
77790 Steinach

APROS Int. Consulting & Services
Volker Feyerabend
Rennengaessle 9
72800 Eningen

Technology Days at Rehm: Experience the solutions for the Smart Factory

Technology Days at Rehm: Experience the solutions for the Smart Factory

Rehm Thermal Systems will present innovative concepts for the digital factory at its Technology Days on 10 and 11 October 2018 in Blaubeuren. Rehm will take the guests on an exciting journey to the „Islands of Technology“, which will be the central theme of this year“s programme. The most interesting hot spots in electronics production and the world of surface mount technology will be addressed. Rehm will also provide information on where the path in assembly production is heading and show the way through the digitisation jungle.

Faster, smaller, cheaper – these are the requirements for the electronics industry. In addition, the electronics manufacturing sector faces the challenge of developing new innovative products as quickly and efficiently as possible. This will be the setting for Rehm“s Technology Days: Visitors can look forward to receiving information on the added value of soldering, coating, testing and drying electronic assemblies. With a total of eight specialist presentations on topics such as industry 4.0, digital transformation and sensor technology, Rehm will be providing answers to the current questions of the industry. In the Rehm Technology Centre, you will be able to see first-hand the technical and economic advantages that can be gained from intelligent processes in everyday applications.

Furthermore, Rehm“s experts will be standing at the ready to answer any complex questions. „Our Technology Days offer users and experts the opportunity to enter into a practice-oriented dialogue,“ said Managing Director Johannes Rehm. „We are excited to offer a platform to cultivate existing contacts and make new ones.“

The Technology Days will take place at the company“s headquarters:
Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH
Leinenstrasse 7
89143 Blaubeuren-Seissen
T +49 7344 9606-0
F +49 7344 9606-525

As a specialist in thermal system solutions for the electronics and photovoltaics industry, Rehm is a technology and innovation leader in state-of-the-art, cost-effective manufacturing of electronic assemblies. As a globally active manufacturer of reflow soldering systems with convection, condensation and vacuum, drying and coating systems, functional test systems, equipment for metallisation of solar cells as well as numerous customised systems, we have a presence in all key growth markets and, as a partner with more than 25 years of industry experience, are able to implement innovative production solutions that set new standards.

Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH
Frank Heiler
Leinenstrasse 7
89143 Blaubeuren
07344-6-96060 – Trusted Broker Cashback Comparison - Trusted Broker Cashback Comparison

Altenglan – Forex trading is considered one of the best ways for average investors to make a decent and substantial profit even from small investments and a short period of time. Expansion of Forex trading in the market through new investors has significantly driven numerous established brokers to introduce certain programs that will encourage investors to make use of their services. Some of the common incentives involved are cashback and bonuses rewarding investors of their trading activities.

The cashback advantages and offers vary between brokers, therefore, it“s a good idea to compare various cashback offers and programs prior to making a final investment decision. This is where comes in. This site can help investors with comparison among the list of brokers who are currently offering cashback promotions. Using can save individuals effort and time when comparing several brokers and provide them with good measures of differences. is a trusted site allowing the best Broker Cashback Comparison. This allows individuals to compare best deals and rebates of hundreds of brokers and earn cashback. Forex brokers pertain to firms offering currency traders the access to trading platforms which allow them to purchase and sell foreign currencies.

Comparing brokers“ cashback has now become a trend, and many individuals are actually considering broker cashback comparison in finding the best deals. is a reliable broker cashback comparison site that takes individuals to the best providers of cash rebates as well as discounts especially offered to Forex traders. Instant and special rebates and reductions are offered by brokers so weighing options and carrying out broker cashback comparison at completely makes sense.

Individuals also have to realize that it is common for brokers to have varied cashback offers, so it is always a smart idea to compare several offers. can help a lot in this pursuit. This broker cashback comparison site displays amazing features that will surely entice investors to use this site for comparison purposes. So why Simply because, this directs individuals to brokers who are offering the highest cashback and rebate rates. These brokers tend to beat competitors“ rate.

For those looking for instant cashback and rebates, this site is the most ideal route to visit. By doing so, investors and all other interested individuals will be exposed to digital networks of top brokers and will be easier for them to make a comparison, weigh options and come up with the best investment decision. This cashback comparison site also offers reliable round the clock support to all site users.

To start getting rebates, there are steps to be followed. Step one, individuals need to choose cashback partner and register their profile. Next step is using the link of the chosen cashback partner in order to open a trading account and lastly, adding trading account into the profile of cashback partner. is noted for its amazing sets of features including a wide range of brokers, reducing trading costs, risk-free in nature, highest rebates and more.

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