Dynamic Electric, Inc. – Leaders In Industrial Electrical Contracting Launches A New Website

Since 1968 Dynamic Electric, Inc. has been a leader in industrial electrical contracting and engineering.

CHICAGO, IL, January 20, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dynamic Electric specializes in providing power, control and instrumentation services to all types of industrial and manufacturing industries.

We support plant re-locations, new construction, maintenance / modification of electrical and instrumentation activities and other design, installation and control work. Our company can truly provide an all-encompassing electrical contracting package to fit your every need. No project is too big or small, and no schedule is too compact.

With decades of successfully completed projects behind us, our experience speaks for itself. Our services are not fully comprehensive, they’re tailored to meet your individual needs. After all, you don’t need a „one-size-fits-all“ solution. You need your own unique solution.

We can help you with:

Electrical Installation
Plant Turnaround / Shutdown Support
Facility Maintenance Agreements
Instrumentation Installation, Including Tubing, Calibration, & Loop Check
Emergency Services
Power Monitoring Analysis
Ground Grid Testing
Transformer Testing
ARC Flash Studies
Hazardous Location Installations
Heat Trace Solutions

Dynamic Electric’s capabilities are not limited to the industrial world. We provide renovations and new construction to commercial institutions such as hospitals, hotels, schools, warehouses and offices building ranging in size from 2,000 to over one million square feet. Our experience gives us the ability to upgrade, improve, and maintain existing facilities in addition to performing new capital projects with aggressive deadlines.

Since 1968 Dynamic Electric, Inc. has been a leader in industrial electrical contracting, electrical construction, electrical maintenance, design, & integration. We believe a successful company must be able to provide a broad range of services in its field.

There is no substitute for quality!

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Stay on Track of Your New Year’s Health Resolutions in Albany Park and Irving Park

Whether you’re a late-night gym rat looking a great new facility or thinking of taking up a new hobby, there are exciting activities here for everyone

CHICAGO, IL, January 20, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Everyone knows staying committed to New Year’s resolutions can be tough, especially health and fitness resolutions. The secret is to set realistic and specific goals and to not get discouraged when you don’t see overnight results. Another secret is to make it fun!

Duka Dabovic, of the Albany Park Chamber of Commerce, recommends that you „set yourself up for success with offerings and expert advice from businesses all conveniently located in the Albany Park and Irving Park neighborhoods.“ Whether you’re a late-night gym rat looking a great new facility or thinking of taking up a new hobby, there are exciting activities here for everyone.

You set a goal, but do you need professional help for proper techniques and movements? A personal trainer provides support and motivation to help you get started and stay on track. „We’re the perfect place to start,“ says DMSfit owner, David Sandoval. „There is so much information out there that it can be overwhelming. We make it more manageable.“ DMSfit tailors each workout specifically to each client’s body for maximum results. Throughout the rest of January, the personal training studio is offering $100 off the 45 and 60 minute one-on-one training packages. Learn about the trainers and sign up for a free consultation and workout online.
3136 W. Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL 60618; 773-531-2288

Hybrid Strength Athletics
Hybrid Strength Athletics is a small, family-owned hybrid gym offering equipment for any powerlifter, Olympic weightlifter, bodybuilder, cross-trainer, or the average fitness athlete looking to get in shape. Open 24/7, the open gym format allows members to fit in a workout at any time of the day, making it easier to stick to your resolution! The gym also offers a 12-Week PowerBuilding Program. This 4 days per week program includes a combination of Powerlifting Movements and Bodybuilding Hypertrophy to increase your squat, bench and deadlift for just $75 for the entire 12 weeks! Learn more about the program and membership rates online.
4353 N. Mozart St, Chicago, IL 60618; 312-478-1989

Shizen Academy of Martial Arts
Get off the couch and put some pep back in your step at Shizen Academy of Martial Arts. Practicing martial arts has many benefits, including increased flexibility, strength, coordination, stability and mental concentration. „Whether you are new to martial arts or a seasoned practitioner, you’ll find our instructors provide balanced instruction and solid programs that teach self-defense, increase awareness and maintain a high level of physical fitness,“ said Mark Hale, Lead Instructor at Shizen Academy. Learn more and sign up for classes online.
5062 N. Kimball Ave, Chicago, IL 60625; 872-216-0767

Ultimate Ninjas
Mix up your routine with a cardio blasting session at Ultimate Ninjas. Inspired by NBC’s hit TV show American Ninja Warrior, Ultimate Ninjas offers kids and adult classes featuring a wide variety of obstacle courses modeled after the ones in the show. „Having fun instead of following the same routine makes working out more enjoyable and sets you up for success,“ says Ultimate Ninjas owner and trainer, Jeff Piejak. While the kids play, parents can partake in ultiFit, the adult fitness program which has a handful of New Year’s specials like the „Push for Progress“, 6 weeks of unlimited training, for $139. Additionally, when parents sign their kids up for the Ultimate Ninjas monthly classes, they get the ultiFIT program at 35% off for a total of $89/month! Learn more about the classes, specials and sign up online.
2915 W. Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL 60618; 773-877-3524

Dovetail Studios
A modern fitness and dance studio, Dovetail Studios presents the perfect way for the whole family to accomplish their health goals. „We offer a family-centric program so kids and adults can enjoy dance together,“ said Dovetail co-owner, Joanna Read. Round up your family members for a cardio blast with ballet, tap, modern and hip-hop dance classes. The studio also offers nine different exercise classes, including yoga, strength, pilates, cardio and boot camp, for adults only. Register for classes online.
2853 W. Montrose Avenue, Chicago IL 60618; 872-208-6169

Le Ballet Petit School of Dance
Dancing isn’t just a fun activity, it’s a serious whole-body workout; a 30-minute dance class, burning between 130 and 250 calories, that is about the same as jogging for 30 minutes. Le Ballet Petit School of Dance offers classes for dancers of all ages and talent levels–and much more than ballet. Get your groove on and shake off the holiday weight in classes like Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Lyrical & Contemporary. Don’t forget about recovery! Give muscles some R&R with Yoga and Stretch & Strength classes. Sign up for a class online.
4630 N. Francisco Ave, Chicago, IL 60625; 773-463-3385

Sway Dance Chicago
If your New Year’s resolution to learn a new skill, sashay your way to a healthier lifestyle with lessons in ballroom and Latin dancing at Sway Dance Chicago. More than just a fun way to stay in shape, it’s a great way to meet new people and challenge your body and mind in exciting ways. Sign up for classes online.
3317 W. Irving Park Road, Chicago, IL 60618; 773-772-6204

Rec Centers
Galter LifeCenter
As Illinois‘ first and Chicago’s only certified medical fitness facility, Galter LifeCenter’s services go beyond those of a traditional fitness center. In addition to focusing on physical fitness, the center promotes medical fitness to ensure clients look and feel their best. „Being a medical fitness facility lets us offer something for everyone, from aquatics classes for moms and toddlers to rehab-like classes for people who finished physical therapy and everything in between,“ said Jennifer McBride, Business Development Director. With the help of Galter LifeCenter’s …read more

Attorney Randall B. Isenberg Wins Motion for Speedy Trial After 3-Year Delay in DWI Case

Mr. Isenberg argued that the State failed to meet its Constitutional duty to provide a speedy trial for his client, whose arrest dates back nearly three years.

DALLAS, TX, January 20, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Attorney Randall B. Isenberg of the Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg recently won a motion for a speedy trial in a DWI case in a Dallas County Criminal Court. Mr. Isenberg argued that the State failed to meet its Constitutional duty to provide a speedy trial for his client, whose arrest dates back nearly three years.

The defendant was arrested on January 22, 2015, following an accident in which he was involved. He refused a DWI breath test at the scene and was arrested by the Irving Police Department. He was subsequently charged with a Class B Misdemeanor. His case was filed on February 26, 2015.

But the State did not send a letter to put the case on the Court’s docket until September 12, 2017, more than two-and-a-half years after the arrest. The case was not set on the docket until November 13, 2017.

„Both the U.S. Constitution and the Texas Constitution grants defendants the right to a speedy trial,“ explains Mr. Isenberg. „The reasons for this are practical and moral: lengthy delays may lead to lost evidence, which puts the defense at a disadvantage, and delays can cause emotional and financial duress for defendants.“

To make his argument that the State failed to provide a speedy trial for the defendant, Mr. Isenberg, a former prosecutor and judge, recalled the cases of Barker v. Wingo and Doggett v. United States. Rulings in these cases found that unnecessary delays should not affect the defendant. Mr. Isenberg successfully argued that his client’s case met the four-prong test used to evaluate motions for a speedy trial:

– Defendant experienced duress.
– Defendant suffered economic harm.
– Defense lost the opportunity to locate witnesses.
– It took 9 months or more for the State to give a court setting without a neutral explanation.

The Court agreed with Mr. Isenberg’s argument that the State failed to provide a speedy trial and granted the motion, dismissing the defendant’s charges.

„Any time the court recognizes a defendant’s Constitutional rights is a win for all Texans and Americans,“ said Mr. Isenberg.

About the Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg
Criminal defense attorney Randall B. Isenberg is a former State District Judge and former Chief Felony Prosecutor with more than 30 years of experience in the Texas criminal justice system. Mr. Isenberg is board certified in Criminal Defense by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and is admitted to represent clients before the Supreme Court of the United States. The Law Offices of Randall B. Isenberg represents clients facing many types of criminal charges, including for DWI, drug possession and trafficking, domestic violence, sex crimes, and weapons offenses, among other charges. Mr. Isenberg also assists clients seeking expunction and non-disclosure of a criminal record.

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Award Winning Children’s Book Author Dr Nicole Announces New Book In Felix And Booboo Series, ‚Lea Does Not Feel Well‘

Dr. Nicole is a multi-award winning best-selling author, based in Quebec. She writes children’s books that educate, inspire and teach valuable life lessons.

WILMINGTON, NC, January 20, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Multi-award winning children’s book author Dr. Nicole has announced the release of a new book in the Felix and Booboo Series, ‚Lea Does Not Feel Well‘. The new book is one of a series of eight books that address complex medical issues and make them understandable for kids. The goal is to increase the child’s understanding and to help eliminate fear. This series is also available in French (Felix et Boubou).

In this Felix and Booboo adventure, Lea is suffering with a stomachache and is vomiting. Pill, the magic pillbox, saves Lea with his magical potion. This story reveals the secrets of gastroenteritis. Paperback, Animated Kindle Children’s Book and PDF are available for each book of the series.

„My true intentions regarding writing this series are to inspire children to read, to set their imaginations free and to encourage good decision making regarding health, safety and critical thinking,“ Dr. Nicole stated. “ Writing children’s books is a way for me to give back and be a positive resource to the community. It is a way that I can positively express myself while having some fun and at the same time be a positive role model for both children and caregivers. I hope that my books inspire children to set their minds free and work to make the world a better place.“

In addition to gastroenteritis, other subjects covered in the series include the human body, broken bones, lice, allergies, otitis, vaccinations and chickenpox. All of the books in the series can be used by educators and medical professionals to help kids understand that these types of conditions are normal and are not to be feared or avoided.

In the traditions of Walt Disney and Dr. Seuss, Dr. Nicole breathes life into inanimate objects and wildly entertaining characters that engage children in powerful ways. Through parent/child interaction, her works develop a love for reading while helping children develop the most important skill of all – critical thinking. If a child can master the art of critical thinking, nearly everything else falls into place.

Dr. Nicole’s books have won numerous international awards. A full listing of the awards can be found on her website.

Dr. Nicole also received recognition as one of Quebec’s Top 10 Women by the Maman Dion Foundation. The Maman Dion foundation was founded by Therese Tanguay-Dion, known as Maman Dion, a television personality and the Celine Dion’s mother. The Maman Dion Foundation is an educational foundation that provides support to underprivileged children in the form of clothing, eyewear and school supplies.

Dr. Nicole has sold over 150,000 books in her career. She is highly regarded for her work with children’s books and a health guide for families. Her goals are to create in children a love for reading and to create interaction and engagement.

No-charge copies of any of her books are available for University teachers, journalists and members of the media who provide email, website, mail address and phone number.

Dr. Nicole is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below. Journalists who wish to receive a copy of the books for review or might wish to schedule an interview can email info@drnicolebook.com. All of her English and bilingual works are available on Amazon, AuthorHouse, and other quality book retailers. Free coloring pages are available upon request by sending an email to the author. More information is available at her website at http://www.drnicolebook.com.

Dr. Nicole Audet holds a Master degree in medical education. She is a professional writer and an engaging speaker. She has worked in Clinical Practice (emergency, family doctor office, University of Montreal affiliated teacher and Lecturer in the Department of Pediatrics of McGill University). She has been the Editor in Chief of the French medical magazine ‚Le Medecin du Quebec‘. She has presented at many international, national and provincial medical congresses and has managed medical teaching clinics, medical magazines and medical research in computer science. Her books have received many international and national awards.

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Best Anti-Aging Product of 2017 by Truth in Aging: Skin 2 Skin’s 24/7 Rejuvenation

The hero product of plant powered skincare line Skin 2 Skin has won yet another award by Truth in Aging. Skin 2 Skin’s 24/7 Rejuvenation, a Complete Anti-Aging Solution, had been voted as the ‚Community Favorite‘ and Best Anti-Aging Product.

SEATTLE, WA, January 20, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — The hero product of plant powered skincare line Skin 2 Skin has won yet another award by Truth in Aging. Skin 2 Skin’s 24/7 Rejuvenation, a Complete Anti-Aging Solution, had been voted as the ‚Community Favorite‘ and Best Anti-Aging Product for Truth in Aging’s Best of 2017 awards.

„Every December we honor some of the amazing anti-aging products that have delivered unparalleled results throughout the year,“ says Marta Wohrle, Founder of Truth in Aging. „The Truth in Aging Best Awards is now a hotly anticipated event by both our community members and our carefully-curated brands. The treatments, serums and creams we award are not only meet our strict standards – innovative, ethical, good for the skin – but are also proven effective by tough critics.“

24/7 Rejuvenation is an elite and complete anti-aging daily moisturizer, powered by a dynamic complex of potent anti-aging ingredients, including five highly powerful bioidentical, biomimetic and bioactive peptides and multiple plant actives. With the best natural Vitamin C extract, 100 times more potent than a single orange. Remarkably, 24/7 Rejuvenation provides over 200 essential nutritional elements the skin must have including multiple vitamins and antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, moisturizers, hydrators and anti-swelling. The 24/7 Rejuvenation is an anti-aging power without the use of parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, paraffin, phthalates, sulfates, PABA, or synthetic color and fragrance, and it is never tested on animals. Retailing at $110.00, the 1.8 fl oz cream is priced competitively for its ingredient list and purity.

Skin 2 Skin’s story is unique. Co-founder and Chief Formulator Kenneth Simpson worked as head of cosmetics at major fashion retailers in New York when tragedy struck. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Intensive therapy and radiation worked to destroy the tumor, but sadly left extreme skin damage to his face. It was then when he turned all his powers of invention into creating a restorative formula to restore and rejuvenate his own skin. His formula worked and he went on to create the Skin 2 Skin plant powered skincare products to help others in improving and uplifting their own skin.

Skin 2 Skin’s full plant powered skincare line contains the highest concentration of anti-aging elements on the market today and features a White Tea Face Wash, an AB-HA Exfoliating Cleanser, Revitalizing Eye Gel, Aging Intervention Cream, Truth in Aging’s Best Sagging Skin Serum the Anti-Sagging Renewal Serum, an anti-expression line cream, and more. All products can be purchased at Skin2SkinCare.com, TruthInAging.com, and other spa and retail locations.

About Skin 2 Skin:
Skin 2 Skin is the leader in Plant Powered Natural Skincare providing scientific „Holistic Skin Wellness“ solutions that are nourishing, therapeutic and improve the quality of the skin’s life, health and youthful appearance at every age. „I started Skin 2 Skin out of personal necessity. As a result of intense radiation treatments to combat a brain tumor, I was left with facial damage and I created my own product to eliminate all visible damage. It worked and Skin 2 Skin was born.“ Kenneth Simpson, CEO, Chief Formulator and Co-Founder of Skin 2 Skin.

For press inquiries, please contact lacie.peterson@actionmary.com or april.stratemeyer@actionmary.com.

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Idaho Mesothelioma Victims Center Now Urges the Family of a Person with Mesothelioma in Idaho to Call Them for Direct Access to The Nation’s Most Skilled Lawyers for Better Compensation Results

The Idaho Mesothelioma Victims Center is urging the family of a person or Navy Veteran in Idaho with confirmed mesothelioma to call them for on the spot access to some of the nation’s most skilled attorneys when it comes to compensation results.

NEW YORK, NY, January 19, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Idaho Mesothelioma Victims Center says, „It is our top priority to see to it that a recently diagnosed person with mesothelioma anywhere in Idaho has on the spot access to some of the nation’s most experienced and skilled mesothelioma attorneys. As we would like to explain anytime at 800-714-0303 there is a direct relationship between hiring the best of the best mesothelioma lawyers and receiving the best possible financial compensation for this rare cancer caused by asbestos exposure-especially if you live in Idaho.

„We also want to emphasize the nation’s leading mesothelioma lawyers make house calls or better put they go to the home of the diagnosed person with mesothelioma for a one on one conversation about how and where the individual was exposed to asbestos. It is this information that becomes the foundation for a mesothelioma compensation claim as we would like to explain anytime at 800-714-0303. The more specific the information related to the person’s exposure to asbestos typically the better the mesothelioma financial compensation.“ http://Idaho.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

Tips for hiring an attorney to assist with a mesothelioma financial compensation claim from the Idaho Mesothelioma Victims Center:

#1. „Frequently people who have just been diagnosed with mesothelioma make the horrible mistake of think they need to hire a local personal injury law firm or car accident lawyer as opposed to one of the nation’s most skilled and qualified mesothelioma law firms that do mesothelioma compensation claims on a fulltime basis-nationwide.

#2. „If you live in a state like Idaho and you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma it might come as a shock to you, but the nation’s top mesothelioma attorneys typically will want to talk to you about the specifics of your potential financial claim-and given their skill they typically will know of ways to add value to the claim, and they will probably want to be your lawyer.

3. „If you live Idaho and you have just been diagnosed with mesothelioma please feel free call us anytime at 800-714-0303 so we can attempt to assist with information about attorneys for the best compensation as well as physicians for medical treatment. We also want to explain that once you hire a law firm to work on a compensation claim you are stuck with them. Please don’t shortchange yourself on mesothelioma compensation by hiring an unqualified personal injury law firm or a mesothelioma marketing law firm.“ http://Idaho.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

The Idaho Mesothelioma Victims Center’s unsurpassed services are available to a diagnosed person anywhere in Idaho including communities such as Boise, Nampa, Meridian, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Coeur d’Alene, Twin Falls, Wallace, or Lewiston.

For the best possible mesothelioma treatment options in Idaho the Idaho Mesothelioma Victims Center strongly recommends the following heath care facility with the offer to help a diagnosed victim, or their family get to the right physicians at this hospital:

* St. Luke’s Mountain States Tumor Institute Boise, Idaho: https://www.stlukesonline.org/health-services/service-groups/cancer-c … -institute

High-risk work groups for exposure to asbestos in Idaho include US Navy Veterans, miners, power plant workers, manufacturing workers, smelter workers, pulp or paper mill workers, military base workers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, machinists, or construction workers. In most instances these types of people were exposed to asbestos in the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, or 1980’s. http://Idaho.MesotheliomaVictimsCenter.Com

The states with the highest incidence of mesothelioma include Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maine, New Jersey, West Virginia, Florida, Wyoming, and Washington. However, mesothelioma does happen in Idaho as the Idaho Mesothelioma Victims Center would like to explain anytime at 800-714-0303.

For more information about mesothelioma please refer to the National Institutes of Health’s web site related to this rare form of cancer: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/mesothelioma.html

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NuWave to Present Webcast on Self-Service Data Science

Brian Frutchey, NuWave Vice President, will present at Qlik Federal Tech Tuesday at noon on 23 January 2018.

MCLEAN, VA, January 19, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — NuWave Solutions, a leader and innovator in Analytics and Data Management solutions, was selected to present a webcast on Self-Service Data Science at the Qlik Federal Tech Tuesday webcast on 23 January 2018. Brian Frutchey, Vice President at NuWave, will speak about how powerful predictive analytics can be made accessible to the „common man“ by using technologies from our partners Celect and Qlik together.

„NuWave has deep experience in self-service machine learning from Celect and self-service data exploration platform from Qlik, and has begun using them together for a variety of US Public Sector customers to democratize enterprise analytics, including the Army and Military Intelligence Community,“ says Frutchey. „We are helping organizations accelerate their ability to apply machine learning to understand and predict increasingly complex behaviors, detect anomalies, and optimize outcomes. By working with our partners, Celect and Qlik, achieving these results can be accelerated even when an enterprise’s data is challenging and their staff lacks statisticians. This upcoming presentation will reveal some of the reasons why.“

For more information on the webcast, to register, visit https://goo.gl/h86CYw.

About NuWave
NuWave Solutions is a leader in providing advanced technologies for Analytics and Data Management, and a passion for working with public sector customers and partners to enable innovative solutions for action through insight. NuWave’s unmatched technical expertise and dedication to teamwork and customer service enables them to help customers meet even the most complex business challenges and succeed on every engagement – with no exceptions and no excuses.

About Qlik
Qlik is the leading data analytics platform and the pioneer of user-driven business intelligence. Its portfolio of cloud-based and on-premise solutions meets customers‘ growing needs from reporting and self-service visual analysis to guided, embedded and custom analytics, regardless of where data is located. Customers using Qlik Sense, QlikView and Qlik Cloud, gain meaning out of information from multiple sources, exploring the hidden relationships within data that lead to insights that ignite good ideas. Headquartered in Radnor, Pennsylvania, Qlik does business in more than 100 countries with over 45,000 customers globally.

About Celect
Celect is a cloud-based, predictive analytics SaaS platform that helps retailers optimize their overall inventory portfolios in stores and across the supply chain, resulting in double-digit percentage revenue increases through optimized assortments and fulfillment. This groundbreaking advance in machine learning and optimization allows retailers to understand how an individual customer shopping in store or online chooses from an assortment of products, revealing true demand. The technology builds on a fundamental advance in customer choice modeling called by MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory one of the 50 greatest innovations it has ever produced.

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The 100-Day Plan – Rocky Romanella’s Cutting Edge Strategic Business Planning Process Can Transform Any Company Or Startup In 2018

A highly sought keynote speaker and trainer, Romanella is founder and principal of 3SIXTY Management Services, LLC. He has over 40 years of leadership at Fortune 100’s.

WILMINGTON, NC, January 19, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Traditionally, a new year gives us an opportunity for a fresh start in our personal lives and in our strategic business planning. However, like New Year’s resolutions, the best laid business plans can easily be forgotten when we get caught up in the day to day activities that require us to put out fires and wrestle with ongoing business challenges. Rocky Romanella’s 100-Day plan offers an easy to implement blueprint for a strategic planning process that is both powerful in approach and elegant in its simplicity.

The 100-Day Plan is based on Romanella’s concept of Balanced Leadership. The three components in Balanced Leadership are your company’s customers, employees and stakeholders. All of this is built on a framework that puts less emphasis on „doing things right“ and instead focuses on „doing the right thing“ for those three groups.

„I am a believer in discipline, hard work, and enthusiasm,“ Romanella stated. „These are the components behind the business plan. It is also important to operate as efficiently as possible and with integrity, compassion, and good will. Finally, it is critical for a business and a leader to establish who you are, what you stand for, and what you will never compromise. It’s the foundation of the 100-Day Plan and what will get tested on the difficult days and periods of the business plan.“

As you revisit your business plan or personal action plan, often at the start of the new year, keep in mind you set the tone for its success from the onset – in the first 100 days according to Romanella. During this time and with a methodical Balanced Leadership approach, you need to examine the current and future state of your three main constituent groups. How well are you delighting your customers and anticipating their needs? How engaged are your team members? Are your drivers of success on track to meet earnings expectations? Through the lens of Balanced Leadership, you will set the foundation with regards to expectations, focus, and culture. Your business plan will then determine what you wish to accomplish in the first 100 days; furthermore, it will determine your focus for monthly execution, serve as a blueprint for the execution of your team’s quarterly objectives, and reveal the year-long program that will drive initiatives to enhance individual and team success.

„Setting clear expectations for your team through your leadership is a strategic imperative when it comes to ensuring alignment with your values, mission, strategy, and 100-Day Plan. This process of setting Leadership Expectations is an essential accountability tool,“ explains Romanella.

Romanella also firmly believes in personal integrity — always striving to do what is right for your customers; people, and stakeholders. „No matter what your level, effective leaders must remember they are role models and ensure there is consistency between your words and actions,“ he shares. „You must live your word; establish open, candid, trusting and respectful relationships at all levels and especially with your direct reports. When you treat all people inside and outside of your organization fairly and respectfully, you will see others bring their own discipline, hard work, and enthusiasm to work each day.“

More information on the development of a 100-Day Plan and a wealth of other strategic planning material is available in Romanella‘ s highly praised book, ‚Tighten the Lug Nuts: The Principles of Balanced Leadership.‘

A winner of the UPS Chairman’s Award for Excellence, Romanella is an energetic keynote speaker and trainer with a legacy of motivating teams to achieve their best. He pulls in audiences with real life stories from an illustrious career spanning nearly 40 years at one of the most recognized and admired brands in the world, UPS and later as CEO & Director for UniTek Global Services, a mid-cap telecommunications solution company. Rocky brings leadership expertise in supply chain, logistics and transportation, retail, sales and operational excellence strategy, telecommunications engineering/construction management, and installation. Having led many company sales efforts, rapidly building brands, restructuring events, and developing a culture needed to integrate past acquisitions, he inspires audiences to create a unified company with one vision.

He has garnered praise for his ability to connect to a wide range of audiences with his storytelling ability and innate charisma. Richard Snowden, President of RavenHouse International called Romanella, „An engaging speaker and facilitator, Rocky leads business executives to break-through results through break-through thinking.“ Conrad Swanson, Sr. VP Agency Development of Arpin Van Lines Inc. had this to say about Romanella following his keynote at the Arpin Group’s annual leadership meeting, „Rocky inspired many to look inward and improve the way they operate their businesses and lead their team members.“

Rocky Romanella is available for speaking engagements and media interviews. He can be contacted using the information below or by email at rockyromanella@gmail.com . ‚Tighten the Lug Nuts‘ is available at book outlets everywhere. Full information on 3SIXTY Management Services is available at the company’s website at http://www.3sixtymanagementservices.com.

After an illustrious career spanning nearly 40 years focused on supply chain, logistics and transportation, retail, sales, and operational excellence strategy at UPS – including The UPS Store franchise network and UPS Supply Chain Solutions – Rocky Romanella became the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Director for UniTek Global Services, a provider of engineering, construction management and installation services to companies specializing in the telecommunications field.

Rocky is currently the Founder and CEO of 3SIXTY Management Services, LLC, a management consulting firm specializing in executive speaking, leadership development and consulting services. He also serves on the board of Goodman Networks, a leading provider of end-to-end network infrastructure, field, and professional services to the wireless telecommunications and satellite television industries.

Rocky is an experienced CEO who led one of the largest rebranding initiatives in franchising history – The UPS Store, revolutionizing the $9 billion retail shipping and business services market.

While leading The UPS Store, the network …read more

The Secret To A Friendly Divorce

Save time. money and frustration.

CHICAGO, IL, January 19, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — If you want what is best for your kids, want what is fair, don’t want to hurt your spouse, don’t want a court battle and all the legendary pandemonium, don’t want your divorce to drag on forever, and you definitely don’t want it to cost an arm and a leg – there is a better way.

While some parties do seek vengeance and retribution during divorce, we find that most people do not fundamentally desire the additional pain and expense of fighting it out in court. Once they get over the shock of the divorce, their preference is generally to get on with their lives as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

So, how do you get through your divorce with minimum pain and expense? For most of us, the answer lies in how we behave during the divorce.

They Don’t Give Us Divorce Lessons – a sensible way to learn something is by accepting guidance from someone who already knows it. When we want to learn how to knit, drive, play the piano or use karate, we find an expert and take lessons. Need tax help? We talk to a CPA. It seems that we’re always being told how to behave during marriage, but no one ever tells us how to behave during divorce.

This brings us to the point of The Secret to a Friendly Divorce. Our book shows you exactly what to say and do (and not say and do) to join forces with your soon-to-be ex so the two of you can beat the legal system, instead of the other way around. We’ll explain the missing link – the one thing that could have saved our predecessors from countless unnecessary divorce wars (and the answer was always right under our nose) – along with the why’s and how’s of our present divorce legal system. We’ll next jump into the main course – an eye-opening exploration of the fundamentals of the friendly approach and how they help you to influence your spouse and your monetary settlement. Then we’ll get specific about how to use this eye-opening information effectively. We’ll share precise, step-by-step instructions for making your divorce more tolerable, without costing you that proverbial arm and leg. The legal process does not always make this easy (more on this in Section I), but you will be able to sidestep the trouble and keep your divorce on time and on budget. You will also learn how to deal with the many invisible obstacles and curveballs that are likely to come your way. Finally, we’ll wrap it all up with some last words of advice and encouragement.

Our divorce rate indicates that we are not doing very well staying married. And judging by the length, expense, drama, and trauma of the average divorce, it looks like we, as a nation, aren’t much better at becoming unmarried. Marriage is difficult by nature, but divorce isn’t. Getting divorced is often difficult by choice. The trick is to not get in our own way.

Kulerski & Cornelison can help you! You can also learn more @ The Secret To A Friendly Divorce

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WorldVentures Holdings Announces New Relationship with THRST

Pay In App Technology

PLANO, TX, January 19, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — WorldVentures Holdings LLC, parent company of the travel industry’s direct-sales leader WorldVentures , is pleased to announce a new vendor agreement with THRST, a leading provider of technology solutions to hospitality and retail businesses around the world. The THRST platform is built on a robust cloud technology stack to enable rapid development and maximum scalability. Its point-of-sale independence offers a unique way to reach merchants while providing easy-to-use ordering and payment options for customers.

By teaming with THRST, WorldVentures gains access to cutting-edge technology solutions that will further enhance its flagship product, the DreamTrips Membership. „We are continuously looking for ways to improve the customer and merchant experiences in our ecosystem; THRST is the solution for an impeccable member experience in the hospitality and retail space,“ said WorldVentures Holdings CEO, Josh Paine.

The agreement entails exclusive rights in the direct sales industry for Pay In App technology, with plans to begin in the United States and expand to Singapore and Australia in the first quarter of 2018. In addition to THRST’s award-winning feature sets adopted by many merchants, additional features will be released throughout 2018. These will include cryptocurrency adoption, curbside pickup, catering, order-ahead and many other features.

THRST Chief Executive Officer Andy Adams noted, „Traditional, hardware-based, back-of-the-house point-of-sale systems completely ignore the importance of the interaction and the expectations of the increasingly mobile-enabled customer. We are committed to being at the forefront of addressing these needs while providing a unique customer-facing point-of-sale and hospitality platform. I am elated about the possibilities of this agreement; as two global customer-centric companies joining forces, the future looks extremely bright for THRST and WorldVentures Holdings!“

About WorldVentures Holdings
Headquartered in Plano, Texas, WorldVentures Holdings LLC is the privately held parent company of a diverse family of lifestyle brands, including DreamTrips and WorldVentures. The company’s mission is to create more fun, freedom and fulfillment in people’s lives through great life experiences, financial opportunity, personal development and contribution. The company’s products and services offer a spectrum of innovative solutions to empower generations and support the potential and promise of our global community. For more information, please visit dreamtrips.com and worldventures.com.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, THRST.com is a privately held company focused on cloud technology and SaaS platforms within the hospitality management sector. THRST removes the expense and inefficiency of traditional hardware-based and legacy software models that limit the flexibility of hospitality operators and their guests. Awarded „most innovative“ by American Express at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago in 2017, THRST supports a large base of clients that include restaurants, spas, hotels and hospitality services companies.

WorldVentures Holdings media contact:
Kassy Rosewitz
Senior Director, Corporate Affairs
WorldVentures Holdings, LLC

THRST media contact:
Chris Ladoulis
Hungry Cloud LLC, DBA THRST.com

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