Best Buy Award Research Shows that Singaporeans Prefer Samsung, Colgate and Magnolia

The first Best Buy Award research conducted in the Republic of Singapore shows that when it comes to the price-quality ratio, residents in Singapore give the highest grades to companies and products such as Samsung, Colgate, Magnolia, Peel Fresh…

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, April 23, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ — For residents of Singapore, products and companies such as Samsung, Colgate, Magnolia, Singtel, and Peel Fresh offer the best price-quality ratio (best value for money) in the Singaporean market.

These findings come from the first Best Buy Award research survey in the Republic of Singapore, which was conducted by the Swiss organization ICERTIAS. The organization measures citizens‘ experiences and satisfaction with the price-quality ratio of marketed products and services.

The research in Singapore encompassed about 70 different economic categories in sectors such as retail, food, footwear, clothing, cosmetics, home appliances, telecommunications, and finance.

The questions in the Best Buy Award research survey were open-ended, i.e. the examinees were not offered a choice of responses. They could freely state the names of products and service providers that, based on their experiences, offered the best price-quality ratio on the market.

For example, respondents for the breakfast cereals category were asked the following question: „Which breakfast cereal in your personal experience offers the best price quality ratio on the Singaporean market:“ Most examinees answered this question with „Nestle“.

First-place winners in the other researched categories included among others Singtel (mobile network operator), Samsung (smartphone), Toyota (family cars), Colgate (toothpaste), Magnolia (milk), Tiger (beer), Ariel (laundry detergent) and Peel Fresh (fruit juice).

It is important to note that the Best Buy Award research does not measure brand equity or market share. The customers‘ experiences, opinions, satisfaction, and perceptions are exclusively used to gauge the price-quality ratio of goods and services on the market based on their personal experiences.

Methodology and Sampling

The 2015/2016 Singapore Best Buy Award Research survey was conducted by the International Certification Association GmbH (ICERTIAS), which is a Swiss organization, using a sample of 1,200 Singaporean citizens who were Internet users over the age of 15. The survey was conducted in February 2015 using a web questionnaire form that followed the Computer Assisted Web Interviewing – Deep Mind Awareness (CAWI – DEEPMA) method.

The Best Buy Award research study is conducted according to the provisions of the International Codex for the Implementation of Market and Social Research, which were adopted by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the European Association of Research Experts (ESOMAR).

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