Dean Michell’s Long Awaited 2nd Workshop „Get Mitchelled“ is on the Way

Spend your day learning the unique body transformation principles that are changing the lives of women across the country! The workshop will be held on Saturday, March 10th 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM EST at the Tipping Point Theatre in Northville, MI

NORTHVILLE, MI, March 05, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dean Mitchell, Michigan’s premier body transformation expert, located in Northville, MI, has launched his second interactive workshop titled „Get Mitchelled“. His inaugural „Throw Your Scale out the Window“ seminar was a sold out, huge success branding him and his concepts as the preeminent women’s „holy grail“ to achieve the unachievable.

Dean Mitchell is an entrepreneur, author, and health and wellness expert who has found extreme success through working exclusively with women all over the country to help them achieve the unachievable. He is the co-founder of Mitchell Fitness Solutions, his premier training facility in Northville, MI, that is one-hundred percent personalized to fit his client’s individual needs.

Dean and his wife, Angela, founded Mitchell Fitness Solutions in August, 2008. Their 2,000 square foot facility offers one on one personal training, group fitness classes in TRX and strength training, and a variety of programs to fit everyone’s budget. There is also a satellite program for out of state members or those too far to travel to their gym. Most notable is the camaraderie of the members of MFS. The support and encouragement are second to none and all MFS members would agree that their gym is their „second family“. When you join MFS, you join a support system that truly is one of a kind… you join the MFS family!

Despite the success Dean has achieved in his career, his personal life includes a dark past that most are shocked to learn about. Starting out life without his biological father and with a mother who struggled with mental illness and drug addiction, he and his two siblings grew up in a poverty-stricken environment filled with chaos and turmoil. With his mother struggling to care for herself, let alone her children, he recalls being forced to grow up extremely quickly to tend to his mother’s and younger siblings‘ needs. Subsequently, his mother suffers a massive stroke at the young age of forty-four that would leave her partially paralyzed without the use of one side of her body, followed by the tragic loss of both of his siblings through suicide and drug overdose. These are just a few examples of what Dean has had to overcome before reaching his mid-thirties.

Despite being faced with adversity that would force most to throw in the towel, it is Dean’s insatiable desire to help others that has kept him focused on his life’s purpose. Dean’s workshops emerged as a follow up from his first published book titled „The Woman Missing in the Mirror,“ which is available for purchase on and The success and huge following from his book prompted Dean and his team to reach out and show first-hand how easy it can be to implement his concepts. Before and after photos, doctor exams, medical reports and most of all, feeling better mentally and physically are all proof that Dean isn’t just another „personal trainer.“ Dean Mitchell is who you call when you are ready for results.

The „Get Mitchelled“ workshop will be held on Saturday, March 10th at the Tipping Point Theatre in Northville, MI. Tickets will be sold online at beginning January 15 for $29.99. A percentage of the proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the charity „To Write Love on Her Arms,“ a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

Everyone is looking for the inspiration and motivation to get in shape and be healthy. Summer and bathing suit season will be fast approaching, woman everywhere will be scrambling to get bikini ready.

Mitchell Fitness Solutions Gym, located at 133 W. Main St #180, Northville, MI 48167, offers one on one personal training, group fitness classes in TRX and strength training, and a variety of fitness programs to fit everyone’s budget and goals. There is also a satellite program for out of state members or those too far to travel to the gym.

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Debt Consolidation Credit Card Debt Relief An Option For Many Today

As Economy Picks Up Speed, Americans Pick Up Pace of Unloading Personal Debt

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 05, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Debt consolidation and credit card debt relief programs have become increasingly sought after and used by more Americans as they seek to gain a more stable financial footing and a leg up in today’s economy. The reality is that many more still can benefit from these debt help programs.

The issue of personal debt and staying on top of it (rather than drowning in it) is of the utmost of importance. When a person finds it increasingly difficult to make those monthly payments then it’s time to reassess their debt management plan. Most Americans know the basics – spend less, save more, budget, etc. but what to do when meeting one’s monthly debt payments is impossible or nearly impossible? Fortunately, professional help with debt is available.

There really is no one size fits all solution when it comes to getting rid of debt, therefore it’s important to explore all options and service providers before settling on the one program that best meets one’s needs. These programs include the following:

Debt Settlement — In this debt relief program, a debt relief firm or law firm that specializes in debt settlement negotiates with a person’s creditors in an effort to get the creditor to agree to accept less than the amount originally owed as full payment. The savings can be considerable. Another upside: creditors and debt collectors will no longer hound a person for the money as the debt will be settled.

Debt Consolidation –This type of debt management program may involve the taking out of a loan to payoff existing creditors and then make a single monthly payment on the new loan. However, taking out a new loan to pay off other loans is not the right solution for everyone. Debt consolidation can also be done without the need for taking out a loan whereby a single payment is made to a debt relief provider who then distributes the funds to a person’s various creditors.

Bankruptcy — This debt relief program offers options for both the liquidation or sale of a person’s nonexempt property and distribution of the proceeds to creditors (Chapter 7). In addition, individual debtors who have regular income may seek an adjustment of debts either by reducing the debt or by extending the time for repayment under chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code.

The good news is that debt relief is an option today for many today and may be just a click or phone call away.

National Debt Relief Program offers a free debt analysis which may be taken advantage of at their website:

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MS Tech Completes Installation With A Major Financial Institution in the Middle-East

Company’s science & technology leadership and latest Explosives Trace Detectors again selected by leading customers

ARLINGTON, VA, March 05, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — MS Tech a world class designer, manufacturer and innovator of nanotechnology detection and diagnostic sensors announced today that MS Detection, its homeland security and defense division, has completed another installation of its EXPLOSCAN detectors with a major financial institution in the Middle-East.

„The growing number of terrorist attacks across the Middle-East clearly indicate the need for reliable explosives detectors,“ stated Doron Shalom, CEO of MS Tech. „Moreover, with the ongoing changes in the global economy, banks and financial institutions are often being marked as targets by anarchist groups and various organizations; thus justifying the need for explosives‘ screening of visitors, employees, envelopes, parcels and vehicles entering their facilities.“

The EXPLOSCAN is an explosive trace and vapor detection system that detects and identifies minute quantities of explosives, as well as improvised explosives, such as TATP within seconds. It is designed to be extremely flexible for use in dynamic screening environments and is fully operational on DC power as well as on rechargeable batteries to ensure continuous use.

„This latest installation is another successful case study for the company as these financial institutions have acquired the EXPLOSCAN over the last several months, and they continue to ask for them over the competition,“ stated Doron Shalom. „That level of product loyalty speaks volumes about the performance and reliability of our sensor technology and detection capabilities. I would like to thank our dedicated local distributors for their superior sales skills, technical and customer service capabilities. With our outstanding collaboration, we are capable of delivering high-quality, high-performance detection systems combined with operational training programs, service and maintenance agreements to our international customers. We anticipate continued growth across a range of countries in the Middle-East and worldwide,“ added Doron Shalom, CEO of MS Tech.

About MS Detection: EXPLOSCAN and DUOSCAN
MS Detection, a division of MS Tech Ltd., is a global leader in nanotechnology sensors designed for threat detection and screening technologies for homeland security, military, air transportation, homeland security and emergency response markets. With over 20 years of history in analytical chemistry and technological experience at the frontline, and worldwide presence, MS Tech enables to provide unrivalled levels of expertise to detect and identify constantly changing explosives, improvised materials narcotics, contraband and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC’s) threats.

The EXPLOSCAN and DUOSCAN are explosive and narcotics trace and vapors detectors that use the innovative High-Frequency Quartz Crystal Microbalance (HF-QCM) nanotechnology sensors developed, manufactured and patented by MS Tech Ltd. The EXPLOSCAN and DUOSCAN feature a new product design that is self-calibrating and self-clearing, providing the highest levels of operational availability. The HF-QCM nanotechnology sensors are non-radioactive, providing a complete green and safe working environment.

The EXPLOSCAN and DUOSCAN are ideal for aviation and transportation security, high-threat facilities and infrastructures, military, customs and border control, mail inspection and cargo screening markets. The EXPLOSCAN and DUOSCAN have been proven to perform well in a wide variety of temperatures and challenging environments, from dry and dusty deserts to humid jungles.

About MS Tech Ltd.
MS Tech is a global developer, manufacturer and innovator of nanotechnology detection and diagnostics sensors. MS Tech’s technologies are based on its award winning and patented sensors, which represent a scientific breakthrough in the detection and identification of materials in gas, vapor and liquid phases. MS Tech’s innovative sensor technologies are environmentally friendly with widespread applications in several market sectors, including food safety & product inspection, homeland security & defense, bio-medical diagnostics, fire & smoke detection, water & air monitoring and aerospace. MS Tech develops, manufactures and supplies customized detection sensors and integrated solutions to its affiliate companies and other industrial OEMs and resellers.

MS Tech invites inquiries about the application of its sensor technologies for the development of new products through strategic and commercial partnerships. For further details on MS Tech and its advanced sensor technologies please visit the company’s website at

Press Contact:
Danila Waitman
Marcom Manager
T: +1.917.720.3115


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RDS Real Estate Announces Creation of Fort Worth Design District 40 Acre Enclave for Creative Entrepreneurs

Micro-business Spaces Start at 320 square feet

FORT WORTH, TX, March 05, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — From Melbourne to Miami, cities are embracing the idea of enclaves designed to give creative entrepreneurs in design related field to work have an opportunity to office in a community that understands them. The center of the district is an innovative brightly hued business park made from more than 100 shipping containers.

The new 40-acre Fort Worth Design District is just North of Fort Worth City limits and South of Alliance at the Golden Triangle Area of I-35 and will feature a mix of shops, studio spaces, workshops, distribution centers, light industrial space for makers, spaces for Etsy stores and creative micro enterprises.

„Creatives want to work in neighborhoods that are thoughtfully designed, pleasing to the eye and fun“ said Ron Sturgeon, owner of RDS Real Estate in Fort Worth and creator of the visionary concept.

Box Office Warehouse Suites offers fully finished spaces starting at only 320 square feet with mini kitchen and ADA compliant restrooms. The beauty of a shipping container business park is that an entrepreneur can add space as the business grows by adding another container.

„It’s wonderful to be able to say to a business that you can expand without changing your address in most cases,“ said Jim Eaton, leasing manager for Box Office Warehouse Suites. „We have already added anchor tenants Happy Bank ATM Center, Salon and Spa Galleria and Posh Box Fashion.“

Eaton continued by adding, „We’re a community of doers and eagerly welcome that building design-related businesses, such as web designers, fashion designers, architects, craftspeople, woodworkers, Etsy artisans that have outgrown home spaces are all welcome.“

In addition to the modern aesthetic of the shipping container offices, the district also offers offices with a more rustic feel. The original site was once a horse farm and Sturgeon could not bear to tear down the barn. He completely renovated it to make Paddock Place Office Suites, a fully renovated and updated barn now leasing as mini office space for solo entrepreneurs.

Another feature the park offers is larger commercial and industrial buildings with dock wells, grade and dock doors and showrooms. These industrial buildings can be up to 20,000 square feet and are suited for light manufacturing, distribution and service businesses. Long-term and temporary outside storage are available to tenants of all business sizes. Even smaller shops can find uses for month-to-month temporary outside storage.

„If you are a doer, we are interested in showing you space that will make collaborating more fun and productive,“ said Eaton. To schedule a visit, call or text Jim Easton at (817) 903-9438.

About Box Office Warehouse Suites

Box Office Warehouse Suites of Fort Worth is an innovative commercial real estate development in the fast-growing Alliance / Golden Triangle area north of Fort Worth. It offers tenants exceptional value and the ability to add square feet to their space in small increments. For more information, visit or their Facebook page. To inquire about leasing, contact Jim Eaton at (817) 439-3224 or

About RDS Real Estate

RDS Real Estate is a leader in commercial real estate lease properties and has excellent Tarrant County office space for lease, warehouse space and retail space for rent throughout Tarrant County, including but not limited to: Fort Worth, Haslet (Blue Mound/ Alliance Area), Arlington, Kennedale and Haltom City and Denton. RDS Real Estate owns and manages more than one million square feet of commercial property in Tarrant County, Texas.

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Unusual Activity in Pod 9 at Box Office Warehouse Suites

Hangman’s House of Horrors Invites Graffiti and Street Art Festival Attendees to Investigate the Mysterious Shipping Container

FORT WORTH, TX, March 05, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — We are sure you have heard about Box Office Warehouse Suites, Fort Worth’s first business park made entirely out of converted shipping containers, but sources hint there is more to that story.

This business park has used over 150 recycled shipping containers and turned them into business buildings that feature retail space and office space for lease. Despite their bright and funky colors, there is talk that this business park has a lot of activity at night. Once the workers go home, it’s not quite lights out. Some have reported they have seen mysterious flashes of light that light up the night sky, while a few brave people that have ventured out to the construction site claim to have heard unusual noises coming out of what is known as „Pod 9.“

„We noticed when the containers started arriving that a few showed up that weren’t on the manifest,“ said Ron Sturgeon, Box Office Warehouse Suites‘ founder. „We put them to use among the expected containers and didn’t think much of it, until strange things started happening around here.“

Sturgeon also added that no one has been inside of said Pod 9 since the disappearance of an entire overnight crew.

That is all about to change and it is happening faster than most realize it. Box Office Warehouse Suites has partnered up with many sponsors to put together a one of a kind arts festival on Saint Patrick’s Day, better known as the Graffiti and Street Art Festival. This festival will benefit SPCA of Texas, as 100% of the event’s proceeds will be donated to pawed friends in need.

Actors from Hangman’s House of Horrors will be giving away free food to those brave souls that dare venture into pod 9 at the festival and some lucky winners will even receive complimentary tickets to the top charity-benefitting haunted house in the world, Hangman’s House of Horrors.

No matter if you are seeking thrills, adventure, looking for pet and family friendly activities or you are passionate about art, the arts festival at Box Office Warehouse Suites will not disappoint. Along with Hangman’s House of Horrors, this festival will feature a battle of the bands, live art, a street market with local vendors and businesses and so much more.

The alien-based survival game Hangman’s is organizing for the event in Pod 9 at Box Office Warehouse Suites is a teaser escape room like for upcoming events.

About Graffiti and Street Art Festival

Graffiti and Street Art Festival is a celebration of the vibrant colors and fun of street art. The contest will feature five national graffiti and street art artists competing to win a cash prize. The winner of the contest will be announced on March 17, 2018 at a family friendly, fun-filled day at Box Office Warehouse Suites at 1953 Golden Heights Road, Fort Worth, TX 76177.

To purchase tickets in advance, visit

About Box Office Warehouse Suites

Box Office Warehouse Suites is an innovative commercial real estate development in the fast-growing Alliance / Golden Triangle area north of Fort Worth. It offers tenants exceptional value and the ability to add square feet to their space in small increments. For more information, visit To inquire about leasing, contact Jim Eaton at (817) 439-3224 or

About Hangman’s House of Horrors

Hangman’s House of Horrors is featured annually on the Travel Channel’s „America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions.“ The house was recently named as a „Best of Fort Worth“ Tourist Attraction by the U.S. Commerce Association and high-lighted as one of the country’s „Halloween Hot Spots“ by Family Circle magazine. Hangman’s celebrates its 30th year as the top charity-benefiting haunted house. Net proceeds from Hangman’s House of Horrors benefit local charities, all of which are non-profit 501c-3 organizations. Hangman’s beneficiaries include a Wish with Wings and Victory Therapy Center. All funds remain in the area for local programs and services.

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China Umay Q1 Treadmill Won the iF Design Award

Umay Q1 is the only treadmill to win the award among the 5,000 participating products

HANGZHOU, CHINA, March 04, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — On January 30, 2018, iF award, which is known as „the Orscars for the design world“, announced the list of winners. Among the 5,000 participating products, Umay Q1 is the only treadmill to win the award. This product, which just won China Red Star Design Award in 2017, is participating ISPO MUNICH (International Trade Show for sports Equipment and fashion in Munich) now. Umay has been recognized by the international design community and led a worldwide upsurge of smart home products.

Comparing with traditional treadmill, Umay Q1 is designed to be more intelligent. Through a way of helping users and treadmill „learn from each other“, Umay tries to make it easier for users to stay healthy.

For instance, the speed is controlled by voice, bracelet and armrest, making the speed adjustment more flexible and convenient. Meanwhile, combined with Apple’s first treadmill APP-GFIT and the big data analysis of the product, user’s physical status and running condition can be mastered so that it is possible for Q1 to give users reasonable exercise advice. AS a tailor-made and coach-class product, Umay Q1 is a real „24-hour private sports trainer“ which knows you better.

Up to now, Umay has more than 1,000 service outlets in China. Its business covers more than 80 countries. Moreover, it has been the appointed brand of National Champions Bodybuilding Tournament in China since 2014. In 2015, Umay establish a research center in Silicon Valley.

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Vinfoil Appoints Matik as North American Distributor for Its Cold Foiling Systems and Software

Vinfoil, headquartered in The Netherlands, has appointed Matik, Inc. as the premier supplier and service provider for its cold foiling systems.

WEST HARTFORD, CT, March 04, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Vinfoil, headquartered in The Netherlands, has appointed Matik, Inc. as the premier supplier and service provider for its cold foiling systems. Offering savings over other foil technologies, Vinfoil’s advanced cold foiling systems include Micro, Infigo, Optima and VIFOP Software.

„We are proud to announce that Matik and Vinfoil have joined forces,“ says Pawel Kusinski, global sales director with Vinfoil. „By expanding our global sales and service network we will be able to offer our product line to customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico. In addition to equipment sales, Matik will provide service and parts to customers.“

Matik, based in Connecticut, and with several regional offices, is the exclusive distributor in North America for many other leading brands, including Codimag, Gietz, Edale, SEI S.p.A. and MELZER. Matik provides full sales and technical service support to its nationwide customer base. Matik’s expert staff is trained by Vinfoil’s factory technicians to offer quality installation, inspection, diagnosis, repair and aftercare. Technicians are available for immediate response.

„The Vinfoil systems and software complement Matik’s portfolio of advanced converting, printing, slitting and packaging equipment perfectly,“ says Steve Leibin, president at Matik. This enables us to offer customers a broad choice of technologies.“

For additional information on Vinfoil’s systems and software or to order samples, visit, call 860-232-2323 or email

Vinfoil has been building machinery for the printing industry since 2007. Vinfoil engineers and manufactures solutions according to its customers‘ needs, enabling them to offer added value to their clients. The company has an excellent understanding of its customers‘ markets and production processes and offers advanced cold foiling systems. Vinfoil systems are installed throughout the world. The company has a knowledgeable sales and service network to ensure that parts are readily available.

Matik, Inc. is the premier North American distributor of GOEBEL IMS, Edale, Gietz, SEI S.p.A., Melzer and other advanced European technologies. With headquarters in West Hartford, Connecticut, and several regional sales offices in the United States and Canada, Matik offers the widest range of printing, converting and packaging equipment in the industry. Matik also provides parts and support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Steven Leibin, Matik, Inc.
T: +1 860.232.2323, ext. 132,

Holly Jo Anderson, Veritas Marketing
T: +1 952.738.8177, ext. 700,

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Abu Dhabi Airports Signs MOU with San Bernardino International Airport Authority

SSBIAA is eager to start the collaboration with Abu Dhabi Airports and exchange experiences and lessons learned during our journeys towards delivering efficient, viable and high quality airports in our respective regions.

SAN BERNARDINO, CA, March 03, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Abu Dhabi Airports today announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with San Bernardino International Airport Authority (SBIAA) linking Al Bateen Executive Airport with San Bernardino International Airport in San Bernardino, California, USA.

The MOU was signed by Abdul Majeed Al Khoori, Acting Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Airports and Michael Burrows, Executive Director of San Bernardino International Airport Authority, during Abu Dhabi Air Expo 2018. The agreement will allow for continuous cooperation and collaboration between both entities to maintain and develop safe, secure, environmentally compatible and efficient air transport system adopting best practices.

Abdul Majeed Al Khoori, Acting Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Airports commented: „We are delighted to have signed this MOU today with such pioneering industry peer. Abu Dhabi Airports and San Bernardino International Airport Authority both recognize the opportunities this agreement will offer our airports in terms of sustainable and economic development, and solutions to manage challenges arising from growth in demand.“

Michael Burrows, Executive Director of SBIAA, commented: „It is an exciting partnership that we have finalized today, and we are eager to start the collaboration with Abu Dhabi Airports and exchange experiences and lessons learned during our journeys towards delivering efficient, viable and high quality airports in our respective regions.“

Al Bateen Executive Airport, the only exclusive business aviation airport in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), began commercial operations in 2008 from its location at the heart of Abu Dhabi city, and currently has a stand capacity for up to 90 private jets. The airport recently announced record traffic figures in 2017, handling 12,000 traffic movements within its aerodrome and FBO.

Conveniently located in the heart of the Inland Empire, close to major freeways and just 60 miles from Los Angeles, San Bernardino International Airport is strategically positioned to meet growing aviation activity including: cargo, business aviation, general aviation, and commercial airlines by providing competitive rates for aviation companies and local businesses looking to stretch their wings and expand their horizons.

About San Bernardino International Airport Authority
Formed in 1992, the San Bernardino International Airport Authority (SBIAA) is an regional joint powers authority created by and through State Legislation to serve as the owner, developer, and operator of the aeronautical portions of the former Norton Air Force Base, now known as the San Bernardino International Airport. The SBIAA Oversees a U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part-139 Certified Public Airport. The Authority envisions SBD as a major economic engine and a vital resource for our local communities, bringing in jobs, tourists, travelers, businesses, and recognition for our beautifully designed, carefully planned and state-of-the-art airport facilities.

About Abu Dhabi Airports
Abu Dhabi Airports is a public joint-stock company wholly owned by the Abu Dhabi Government. It was incorporated by Amiri Decree number 5, issued on 4 March 2006, to spearhead the development of the Emirate’s aviation infrastructure. In September 2006, Abu Dhabi Airports assumed responsibility for the operation and management of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain International Airports. In 2008, Abu Dhabi Airports added Al Bateen Executive Airport (an exclusive business aviation airport), as well as Sir Bani Yas and Delma Island Airports to its portfolio. These airports are geared to serve the various segments of air travellers, the aviation marketplace, and will help contribute to Abu Dhabi’s development as a destination for both business and leisure tourism. Currently under way is the multi-billion dollar re-development and expansion of Abu Dhabi International Airport designed to increase the overall capacity of the airport.

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Austin Blockchain CEO Moves to Reno and Finds Success

As Nevada favors Blockchain initiatives and legislation, Reno sees a surge in tech companies relocating to the ‚Biggest Little City‘ from larger tech hubs.

RENO, NV, March 03, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Philip Dhindra, 35, is the CEO of Titan Seal, an app that puts government records on the Blockchain and is driving to replace paper seals. Dhindra spent the past 12 years in the thriving tech world of Austin, Texas. He’s one of a handful of tech founders in the blockchain space who are starting to see Nevada as an attractive place to relocate– a favorable tax structure, a thriving tech co-working space, and access to local and state officials who understand the benefits of the technology–are just the beginning. And with Venture Beat’s Blueprint Conference around the corner, the momentum is only growing.

Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin, has been on Nevada’s radar since June, when the Governor signed a bill, SB398 that welcomes blockchain companies and restricts localities from taxing it. „Our ecosystem is attracting more high growth technology startups like Titan Seal as entrepreneurs recognize the benefits of operating in a supportive community with a business friendly regulatory environment,“ said Doug Erwin, SVP of Entrepreneurial Development at EDAWN. „SB398 is a great example of entrepreneurs working in partnership with elected officials to create a clear regulatory framework that supports innovation,“ continued Erwin.

Last month Blockchains, LLC announced that they had paid cash for the last remaining acreage at 67,125 acres at Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center (TRIC), in the biggest land deal in history of Nevada. TRIC is the rural business park where the Tesla Gigafactory lives. The very next week the Nevada Museum of Art hosted the first blockchain conference to bring together government and private industry folks to educate and network around the hot topic.

Clift & Co is a full-service government affairs firm specializing in emerging technologies such as blockchain, the sharing economy, autonomous machinery, IoT, and cyber security. Founder, Ashley Clift-Jennings is an accomplished business leader and grassroots community organizer with unparalleled passion and grit built to withstand the hurdles involved in delivering complex information to new and politically-conscientious audiences. Based in Reno, Nevada, the firm aims to better serve the futurists committed to educating and evolving. For more, visit Clift & Co.

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Golden Krust Opens Two News Stores in Houston, TX

National Caribbean Franchise Expands

NEW YORK, NY, March 03, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill, the nation’s largest Caribbean franchise chain with over 120 restaurants in ten states, celebrated the opening of their two newest locations this weekend in Houston. The first celebration took place at 8236 Kirby Drive on February 16, 2018 and the second celebration at 8366 Westheimer Rd. on February 17, 2018.

During the festive, colorful, culturally-charged Caribbean-themed celebrations, Houstonians received free samples of Golden Krust’s world famous beef, chicken and vegetable patties and the chain’s signature jerk chicken. The large crowd was also treated to face painting, a live steel pan performance by Carib Fusion Band, and reggae music by DJ GT from 97.9 The Box FM. The Golden Krust franchise owners also raffled off concert and comedy-show tickets to the attendees.

This was Golden Krust’s first celebration without their late founder, the Hon. Dr. Lowell F. Hawthorne, O.D. His son, Daren Hawthorne, Esq., the Corporate Counsel and Executive Vice President of Franchising, told the crowd that his father’s legacy would live on, adding, „with the guidance and discipline he has instilled in everyone, Golden Krust’s brightest days are ahead“. Lowell’s sister and Golden Krust’s co-founder, Jacqueline Hawthorne, requested a silence and discussed the impact that Lowell Hawthorne had on his family, the business, and those in need across various communities worldwide. Legacy buttons bearing an image of the late founder’s infectious smile were given to – and proudly worn – by eventgoers.

Among those in attendance were members of Golden Krust’s executive team, local elected officials, social media personalities, local business owners, other members of the Golden Krust family of franchisees, and community-based well-wishers who have been supporting the two restaurants since they opened for business in November 2017.

Soljie Braham, President of Caribbean Chamber of Commerce; Kevin Riles, author and CEO of Kevin Riles Commercial Real Estate; Jalene Mack, author and entertainment lawyer; Khalfani Omari Fullerton, Honorary Consul of Jamaica in Houston; the Rev. Olus R. Holder, Executive Pastor of Fallbrook Church, were all on hand to offer their support to the new franchisees. Laureen Scott and Elizabeth Pascal are the owners of the Westheimer location, and the Bramwell family owns the Kirby location.

„Golden Krust’s Caribbean food and the Houston market make for a perfect match, especially since Houston leads the nation in dining out,“ said Andrew White, who is running for the office of governor of Texas. „This is something special that everyone will enjoy.“

Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill,, is a Caribbean food chain. Founded in 1989 by Lowell Hawthorne and his family, Golden Krust headquarters is located in the Bronx, NY and currently has over 120 stores nationwide. To receive additional information about Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery, go to

About Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill

Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill,, is a Caribbean food chain. Founded in 1989 by Lowell Hawthorne and his family. The Golden Krust headquarters is located in New York and currently has over 120 stores nationwide.

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