Quesnay’s Female Founders in Tech Program Awards Goalsetter First Place

Marinus Analytics and Lendonate were selected as runner-ups in the inaugural program to spotlight female founders in finance and insurance technology.

NEW YORK, NY, December 13, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Quesnay is pleased to announce that Goalsetter is the winner of the inaugural Female Founders in Tech, spotlighting female founders that positively impact the financial services and/or insurance technology industries.

„We were extremely inspired by the quality and originality of startups that applied to our innovation program,“ said Jennifer Byrne, president and co-founder, Quesnay. „I was also delighted to see that several judges identified immediate deployment opportunities… exactly what we had hoped.“

Approximately 100 women-led startups registered for the program with solutions ranging from artificial intelligence to blockchain to creative financial literacy and savings solutions. Seven finalists presented in New York to a panel of judges which included industry leaders from the sponsoring organizations: John Hancock, MassMutual, RGAx, Sterling National Bank, TD Bank and Thomson Reuters. The program was also sponsored by AARP, American Family Insurance, Microsoft, Verizon Open Innovation Lab and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati.

The winners represented cutting-edge businesses that were also socially conscious:
Goalsetter – Goalsetter is a goal-based savings and gifting platform, targeting millennials.
Marinus Analytics – Marinus uses technologies to help identify and fight crimes like human trafficking and money laundering associated with it and other illicit activities
LENDonate – LENDonate provides a marketplace lending platform for non-profits and supporters.

„It’s an honor to win. It’s more than just money, it’s the business development, contacts and partnership from this community that are priceless,“ said Tanya Van Court, founder and CEO, Goalsetter. „Female-led business generate US $1.6 trillion in annual revenue, yet only 4% of VC funding goes to female entrepreneurs. It’s time to flip the script, and programs like Female Founders in Tech have the potential to accomplish this.“

„The TD purpose is to enrich the lives of our customers, our communities and our colleagues, so when I think about this partnership with Quesnay, it hits me from a couple of perspectives – getting introduced to start-ups doing really great, cool things and helping to drive transformational change,“ said Karen Buck, EVP, Commercial, Retail and Payment Operations, TD Bank. „As Chair of TD’s Women in Leadership committee, I also look to invest in our female leaders both within TD, as well as external to TD.“

Quesnay will also build upon the success of the program, continuing to support the participants, expanding mentorship support as well launch programs in additional sectors in the new year.

If you are interested in connecting with any of the program participants or would like more information about being a program sponsor, please email femalefounders@quesnays.com.

Quesnay is an innovation consulting firm that bridges the gap between traditional firms and the best innovators and emerging young companies, preparing both sides to take advantage of the opportunities created by the ongoing market disruption. Quesnay partners with companies to solve their innovation challenges by running innovation competitions and acceleration programs as well as providing strategic consulting services. For more information, follow us at @QuesnayInc and visit us at https://www.quesnays.com.

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Plasticity Brain Centers Adds Prestigious Clinician to Team

Plasticity Brain Centers of Orlando, FL is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Adam Klotzek, DC, DACNB, FACFN, FABVR, FICC to its clinical team.

ORLANDO, FL, December 13, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Plasticity Brain Centers of Orlando, FL is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Adam Klotzek, DC, DACNB, FACFN, FABVR, FICC to its clinical team. Dr. Klotzek recently relocated to Orlando from Minneapolis, MN, to work for a practice that is on the „cutting edge of functional neurology“.

Dr. Klotzek is an accomplished worldwide lecturer in the field of neurology and ReceptorBased neurological treatment. He holds fellowship status in both functional neurology and vestibular rehabilitation, as well as holding certifications in attention deficit disorder, electrodiagnostics, and sports rehabilitation. He has special interests in developing novel treatment applications, the effects of joint misalignments on brain function, and has authored a number of published medical papers. Dr. Klotzek is also the longest serving faculty professor at the Carrick Institute of Clinical Neuroscience and Rehabilitation in Cape Canaveral, FL. He will continue to teach for the Carrick Institute, while attending patients at Plasticity Brain Centers. In an interview with Dr. Klotzek, he felt that in order for him to deliver the highest quality education, he needed to remain current with technology and applications by actively treating patients, and collaborate with other great minds.

Dr. Klotzek played a pivitol in the educational experience of Plasticity Brain Center’s Lead Clinician, Dr. Matthew Antonucci. In his story about how he became a functional neurologist, and when interviewed, Dr. Antonucci recalls, „as a young child, my immigrant grandfather would take care of my while my parents were at work. He was an incredible teacher that greatly influenced my approach to patient care in a way he was never able to realize prior to his passing. He would always stress the importance of 3 things: having many tools in your toolbox; understand how to use the right tool for the job; and improvise when there was no tool for the task at hand. I feel that he is the reason that I seek to learn from some very dynamic, and skilled clinicians such as Drs. Adam Klotzek and Ted Carrick.“ Dr. Carrick has been labeled the father of Chiropractic Neurology, a government-recognized subspecialty of the chiropractic profession. Prior to, and along with Dr. Antonucci, Dr. Adam Klotzek had been his long-time protege.

„I heard Dr. Klotzek first speak at a Carrick Institute conference in Atlanta, on the topic of the Neurology of the Spinal Manipulation. He described this spinal adjustment as one tool in a Chiropractic Neurologist’s toolbox, to affect brain function and body health. Then he showed us video cases of Dr. Carrick treating some of his patients with complex neurological conditions that literally disappeared in front of our eyes, using nothing by his knowledge and his hands. This is exactly what I needed to hear and see. I was going to be a Chiropractic Neurologist“, says Antonucci.

For his own educational experience, Dr. Klotzek first attended the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada, where he received his bachelor’s degree in biology. He then pursued his doctoral degree in chiropractic at the Logan University in the greater St. Louis area of Missouri. Dr. Klotzek then completed his postgraduate study of chiropractic neurology through the Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies, where he received certification as a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board, and was also inducted as a fellow into the International College of Chiropractic.

The doctors at Plasticity Brain Centers are excited to welcome Dr. Klotzek and his years of experience and expertise to the clinic. With more than 25 years of experience practicing chiropractic and rehabilitation medicine, Dr. Klotzek is excited to bring new ideas and methods to the practice. Recently, he’s been working with virtual reality applications to help recalibrate eye movements in patients who have suffered from concussions. Innovations like this, combined with Dr. Klotzek’s years of experience and research in the field of neurology make him the perfect addition to the team.

Plasticity Brain Centers of Orlando offers non-invasive rehabilitation for brain injuries, developmental disorders, movement disorders, and neurodegenerative disorders. Not only does Plasticity Brain Centers treat injury and illness, but also helps individuals reach their greatest potential through sports performance and cognitive brain optimization. For more information about what they do, or to schedule an appointment with one of their experts in functional neurology, please visit our contact page.

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Men in Recovery Receive Life Skills Training

Life’s Beacon Foundation launches new website to further reach

HARRISBURG, PA, December 13, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Much can be criticized with the criminal justice system, but a York, Pennsylvania-area non-profit seeks to help criminals and addicts with a hand-up not a hand-out. Life’s Beacon Foundation provides a safe place for men leaving prison or rehab to make real and positive change in their lives. The organization recently launched a new website through a partnership with local website design firm CourseVector. The site features success stories, program details, and a donor portal.

Founder Robert Allen, a self-professed „ex con gone good“, went to prison in the early 90s on voluntary manslaughter charges. He spent close to 10 years in jail where his whole life changed. He started providing seminars in prison to help other men like himself, who truly wished to change. Allen stared Life’s Beacon Foundation from his prison cell; with the help of his father. His hope was to help restore human dignity by helping those struggling with alcoholism, addiction, and other issues that lead to a life of crime.

Life’s Beacon is a structured, life skills home for men who are truly ready to help themselves. „Life’s Beacon Foundation will give understanding to those seeking a second chance in life. We will respect the dignity of each individual, no matter how low that they have fallen or what position in life that they find themselves,“ states Allen. The home allows men 18 or older to grow spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. The structured, drug-free environment is ideal for those transitioning from parole or rehab.

Life’s Beacon Foundation is a not-for-profit organization and relies on donations and community support. Their online donation portal is an important part of the new website, provided free of charge by CourseVector. Donors can now connect with the organization right on the website. While there, donor’s and community members can learn more about the program and hear from some of those whose lives were transformed thanks to Life’s Beacon Foundation.

About CourseVector

CourseVector partners with nonprofit organizations like Life’s Beacon to provide low-cost or free website designs. As a part of their mission and vision, CourseVector’s team of technicians happily donates their time and talent to provide beautiful, useable websites for organizations that serve their communities. CourseVector has been in the IT world since 1989. They provide affordable website design, hosting, and SEO services.

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GOLDCOIN (GLD) Moves to GOLDCOIN.ORG: And Is Ready To Meet The Needs of Smart Investors

Crypto-currency For Investors Pays Eur80,000 To Rival Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereal

GREENVILLE, SC, December 13, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — GOLDCOIN (GLD), the crypto-currency investors love, has moved to http://www.goldcoin.org.

The move places GOLDCOIN (GLD), one of the most successful Alt-Coins, in the same league with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, IOTA, Bitcoin Cash – at the top of the ladder.

GOLDCOIN (GLD) paid EUR80,000 for the domain name, which gives it a deserved place in the sun. GOLDCOIN (GLD) has become the surest store of value, like gold, because it has followed the original plan of Satoshi Nakamoto in creating a powerful blockchain-based network, scaled organically, and with custom security and mining controls that are unrivalled in the industry.

Says System Administrator Greg Matthews: „On 18 August 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto registered the domain name „BITCOIN.ORG.“ He choose .ORG because this generic top-level domain is intended for use by schools, open-source projects, and communities. Thus, GOLDCOIN.ORG is the best possible name for our project, and is also our largest acquisition to date.“

Most serious cryptocurrency projects seek out .ORG for their official websites, Matthews notes. „The domain took four years to acquire making it the highest ranking .ORG domain sale of 2017, besting the BITCOINCASH.ORG sale by more than double.“ BITCOINCASH.ORG sold for $48,000, according to the DN Journal (http://www.dnjournal.com/ytd-sales-charts.htm ).

GOLDCOIN (GLD) has seen its price rise from $0.03 to $0.20 in a few short years, and it has surpassed $1,000,000 market capitalization for first time during 2017, This is because GOLDCOIN (GLD) has remained faithful to the original vision of Satoshi Nakomoto, the creator of Bitcoin. What Nakomoto originally laid out in the white paper that is at the origin of the first crypto-currency, GOLDCOIN (GLD) is fulfilling.

„GOLDCOIN (GLD) is faster than both Bitcoin and Litecoin in terms of payment confirmation times. This means that it is far more useful as a medium of exchange,“ Matthews points out. „And while Bitcoin fees are high, ours are set as low as possible, so that spending GOLDCOIN (GLD) is easy to do.“

GOLDCOIN can grow without the so-called ‚hard forks‘ that Bitcoin has had to create to increase its ability to handle a larger number of transactions. GOLDCOIN uses ‚on-chain‘ scaling, which requires gradual change in the blockchain, as opposed to adopting solutions alien to the Bitcoin concept which is the path that the original cryptocurrency has taken. (Segregated Witness, offchain scaling, etc.).

And GOLDCOIN (GLD) recently added three new experienced developers in its continuing effort to keep its network the best in the sector.

GOLDCOIN will soon attract myriads of users from other cryptocurrencies, because it’s better-performing: In speed, in reliability, and in security. The GOLDCOIN (GLD) network is 10 times as powerful as that of Bitcoin, with block times of 2 minutes versus Bitcoin’s 20 minutes. Mining is carefully managed, and security is assured by the proprietary Golden River algorithm, invented by renowned GOLDCOIN (GLD) developer Amir Esemplanah.

„By acquiring GOLDCOIN.ORG we join the ranks of the leaders in the industry and secure the best possible domain in the world to call our home,“ concludes Matthews. „We take our place beside BITCOIN.ORG, because we are fulfilling Nakamoto’s vision.“

GoldCoin is faster than both BTC and LTC in terms of confirmation times and features an innovative 51% attack defense system.

GoldCoin is Hard Money. A super secure value store and cash payment system for the New Digital World -built on Satoshi Nakamoto’s original protocol. It’s the money of a new generation.

Goldcoin is a great name meaning „value“ to billions of people Worldwide. Our multi-pool resistant client is innovative and secure with an integrated 51% attack defense system. Goldcoin is a genuinely unique coin, not just another clone.

Website: http://goldcoin.org
Buy Coins: http://trygoldcoin.com

Greg Matthews
Phone: 864-332-9068
Email: webmaster@microguy.net

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Barker Honda Schedules December 14th Grand Opening in Houma

Come Celebrate!

HOUMA, LA, December 13, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Mike Barker will tell you that seeing the all new Barker Honda today is like a dream come true. „We worked out of mobile trailers adjacent to the site, so every day we could watch the progress,“ noted Barker, whose family owns the dealership, „and now to see the beautiful Honda Generation 3 Image facility today makes it worth the wait.“

The Grand Opening ribbon cutting is scheduled for Thursday, December 14th, 2017, from 5PM until 7PM with local dignitaries expected as well as representatives from Honda’s national offices.

The dealership, located at 1662 Martin King Luther Boulevard, is one of only 15% of dealerships nationwide built to Honda’s newest and most demanding standards. Barker noted, „It was a team effort with our design and construction crews, many from right here in the Houma area, who completed this project.“

The site was formerly Cournoyer Honda and purchased by Barker in January, 2000. „We have now transformed into a state-of-the-art facility, and I sincerely want to thank our customers and employees for their patience,“ added Barker Honda General Manager Lester Bimah.

With over 35,000 square feet, the finished facility features an open showroom with floor-to-ceiling glass and truly advanced technology such as LED lighting throughout the dealership. Customers will enjoy wi-fi access, a modern lounge with Ipad/notebook chairs, a phone charging bar, as well as streaming information when a customer’s car is in service.

With a completely new state-of-the-art operation for sales and service, Barker is excited about the opportunity to continue serving Houma and the surrounding area even better. Barker noted, „Our Honda product line is incredible and we have the sales and service facility to provide an exceptional ownership experience.“

For more information about Barker Honda, call 985-868-4401.

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Space Station Research Explorer on NASA.gov Launches Phase One

Researchers, prospective partners, media professionals, students, and space enthusiasts now have more space station science at their fingertips with Space Station Research Explorer on NASA.gov (SSRE on NASA.gov).

HOUSTON, TX, December 12, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Researchers, prospective partners, media professionals, students, and space enthusiasts now have more space station science at their fingertips with Space Station Research Explorer on NASA.gov (SSRE on NASA.gov). The new information exploration tool enables researchers, practiced and amateur alike, to stay up-to-date with the science being conducted aboard the International Space Station.

With just a few clicks, users are granted access to thousands of space station investigations, results summaries, article citations and in-orbit photographs. Designed with ease of use in mind, investigations can be browsed by keyword, expedition, scientific category, publication, international partner, organization or developer.

SSRE on NASA.gov will release in two phases. The current phase of the database features an improved search capability and creates an exclusive environment for space station science. While information about scientific investigations aboard the space station have always been searchable on the main NASA.gov webpage, SSRE on NASA.gov now creates a more tailored experience for the scientifically curious by allowing the research to be accessed through one search field.

Phase one also features a more modernized, sleek look with the ability to share findings on social media, to easily cite investigations or articles and to bookmark favorite investigations or facilities for later use.

Phase two will include smaller, user-satisfaction features based on metrics collected during the initial roll-out of the science database, including more robust search capabilities and more polished user interfaces.

For more information about current investigations happening aboard the space station, follow @ISS_Research.

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Southwest Solutions Group Selected Spacesaver’s Exclusive Northwest Distributor

Southwest Solutions Group is now the exclusive distributor for Spacesaver products in Washington, Alaska, Montana, and parts of Idaho.

DALLAS, TX, December 12, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Southwest Solutions Group is excited to announce that it has been selected to be the exclusive distributor for Spacesaver Corporation products in Washington, Alaska, Montana, and parts of Idaho as of January 1st, 2018.

This exclusive agreement provides greater access to the Spacesaver product line of space-saving storage products in the Pacific Spacesaver Northwest region of the U.S. Southwest Solutions Group also serves Spacesaver Corporation with offices located in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and Tennessee.

„We are humbled and excited by the confidence of Spacesaver Corporation in selecting us as their exclusive area contractor for the Pacific Northwest Spacesaver region,“ comments Ray Streight, President. „We are committed to serving them with excellence and best value storage solutions to help their businesses maximize space efficiency and productivity.“

Southwest Solutions Group looks forward to using this opportunity to better serve the Spacesaver Northwest states with personalized service for unique storage products to conserve floor space, enhance productivity, and improve information management and business processes.

Southwest Solutions Group is an employee-owned company and the largest provider of innovative storage and information management solutions for commercial, industrial, healthcare, and institutional facilities throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, Idaho, Nebraska, Louisiana, Tennessee, Missouri, and Mississippi. As a full-service company, Southwest Solutions Group provides best-of-class equipment, professional design, certified installation, and ongoing service, and has been recognized in the Inc. 5000 List of fastest-growing companies for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2017. For additional information, visit www.southwestsolutions.com.

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RevLocal Named in Nine of Comparably’s ‚Best Places to Work 2017‘ Lists

In November and December 2017, RevLocal Ranked on 9 of Comparably.com’s Lists, Including ‚Best Company Culture‘ and ‚Best CEOs‘

COLUMBUS, OH, December 12, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — RevLocal is pleased to announce that it has received nine awards from Comparably’s ‚Best Places to Work 2017‘ lists.

Jason Nazar, CEO of Comparably, gave an insight into how companies are chosen for the ‚Best Places to Work‘ list:

„Comparably’s annual Best Places to Work list represents the top 50 companies among thousands of U.S. businesses. This prestigious award showcases the best overall company cultures as rated by their own employees,“ Nazar said.

„Team members leave the most comprehensive ratings and reviews to help Comparably determine the most in-depth and accurate account of the best places to work. These honorees stand out as the best of the best, reflecting the most stellar teams, leaders, compensation and benefits.“

A company ranking in the top 5 percent of similar Columbus companies, RevLocal has consistently received praise from its employees and peers, earning an A+ rating in ten separate categories. Some of these include the company’s environment and retention, as well as its executive team.

„The Comparably ‚Best of‘ awards are extremely validating because they demonstrate the heart of our culture and value of our employees. This demonstrates the strength of our company and culture. We’re honored that Comparably.com has recognized our continued efforts to ensure our employees feel valued,“ said Aaron Boggs, President of RevLocal.

RevLocal also made Comparably’s ‚Best Company Culture, Small and Mid-Sized Companies‘ list. This award showcases the best overall companies to work for, focusing on factors such as compensation, work-life balance and company perks. RevLocal ranks at 45 out of 50 recipients.

Three of RevLocal’s teams were also recipients of the ‚Best Places to Work‘ list: Marketing, Operations and Sales. Each department placed among 14 other small or mid-sized companies, and they were the only Ohio-based teams.

RevLocal received five additional awards in the following:

‚Best Companies for Women, Small and Mid-Sized Companies‘
‚Best Company Leaders, Small and Mid-Sized Companies‘
‚Companies With the Best Future Outlook, Small and Mid-Sized Companies‘
‚Best Team Cultures, Small and Mid-Sized Companies‘
‚Best CEOs, Small and Mid-Sized Companies‘

About RevLocal

RevLocal is a digital marketing agency that specializes in local search marketing, reputation management, paid advertising and social content marketing for local businesses and franchises of all types and sizes.

As the leader in digital marketing, RevLocal makes digital marketing efficient, effective and affordable for all. RevLocal is a Premier Google Partner and was named one of the top 50 best places to work by Inc. Magazine. For more information on the company, www.RevLocal.com.

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Lucky Number 13! Composer/Pianist Peter Kater Joins Rare Group of Musicians Who Have Been Nominated for 13 Grammy Awards

Kater’s „Dancing On Water“ gets nod for Best New Age Album

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 12, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — What do Katy Perry, Nas, Dierks Bentley, Martina McBride and Diana Ross have in common with pianist/composer Peter Kater? They have all been nominated for a Grammy Award at least 12 times, which already puts him in exceptional company. An inexhaustible composer, the multi-platinum selling pianist has released over 60 critically acclaimed recordings and scored music for over 100 television and film productions. His contributions are so vast that his music is heard all over the world, from the Olympics, to the Kennedy Center to Broadway shows to the Sundance Festival to ESPN and more.

Peter just scored nomination number 13 for his 2017 release, Dancing on Water, which could be his most intimate release yet. An artist who is very in tune (pun intended) with being present, Peter started to meet with friends, and even some clients, who would share something personal and sensitive that was going on in their lives. Afterwards, he would play them a piece they inspired in the moment, in what is known as a „soul reading.“ Each person affected Peter’s playing so differently, he wanted to share these sessions with the public. „I would chat with them for a while about their obstacles and successes, their fears and aspirations. Then I played while they lie under my piano, usually for about 15-25 minutes. It’s fascinating how each person affects my playing and how the connection we share seriously influences what I play on the piano. I’m improvising and intuiting and they’re listening and feeling and often releasing.“ In a recent review, New Age Music Guide called Peter „the finest artist and performer currently active the New Age music genre“ and the album „magical and magnificent.“

Celebrating his lucky number 13th Grammy nomination, Peter felt „happy, relieved, excited and gratified“ when he got the news. A prolific composer, he is always honored when one of his compositions is singled out, and he has said Dancing on Water [the title comes from a swim in the oceans of Maui, Hawaii during a rainstorm where it looked as though the raindrops were dancing on top of the ocean] may be his last solo piano release for a while.. „I’ve consistently put out at least 2 records a year for my entire career. The music just keeps coming. I do soundtracks too, and often release those well. I’m not just motivated, I’m following my muse. The piano is definitely my voice and I’ve realized that playing is the most honest and true thing I can do.“

For more on Peter Kater, the Dancing on Water release, or to speak to him about his 13th Grammy nomination, please contact:
Amanda Alexandrakis, Music Promotion, Inc,
e: info@musicpromotion.com t: 970.377.0313

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Einstein PEO Offers „PEO and a Pet“ Program for New Clients

Any new client that signs up with us by Dec. 31 and starts business by Jan. 30, 2018, will be offered a „forever friend“ from a local rescue center or animal shelter.

DULUTH, GA, December 12, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Einstein PEO (Professional Employer Organization) is offering a program for holidays, „PEO and a Pet.“ Any new client that signs up with us by Dec. 31 and starts business by Jan. 30, 2018, will be offered a „forever friend“ from a local rescue center or animal shelter.

Our goal is to find homes for 500 rescue animals by the end of the year. We will sponsor one animal for each new client.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) sadly estimates that 6.5 million pets enter animal shelters every year. And of those, 1.5 million are euthanized.

„Animals provide so much comfort and companionship,“ said our company founder and CEO, Layne Davlin. „With this promotion, we get to do a small part to help animals in need.“

And people in need, as well. Pet ownership has great health benefits, as well, including lowering blood pressure and anxiety and boosting our immunity.

Einstein PEO provides all human resources and personnel services for their clientele, including payroll, hiring and evaluations. We recently won the Pacesetter Award as the 10th fastest growing private company in Atlanta, Ga. We grew 35 percent in revenue over the year. The National Assn. of Certified Valuators and Analysts awards the Pacesetter.

Running a business can be difficult. It’s hard enough growing your business and making sure you provide the best services. The myriad regulations about federal, state and local taxes, labor laws and health insurance can be quite overwhelming to employers. Einstein PEO provides expert human resources and accountants who can guarantee your company stays in alignment all around. We provide services for companies with five to hundred employees and white- and gray-collar companies, including law firm, restaurants, software companies and medical offices.

In addition to the Pacesetter Award, Einstein PEO was Pacesetter Award Winner in 2014 No. 7 Fastest Growing Private Company in Atlanta; 2014 Oxford Center Award Finalist; nominated for the 2014 Pinnacle Small Business Awards, presented by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution; and voted Best Customer Service by Gwinnett Magazine five years in a row. Davlin is the Georgia chair of the National Association of Professional Employer Organization, NAPEO.Org.

Einstein PEO is headquartered in Georgia with clients are over the United States.

For more information, contact Layne Davlin at (770) 962-1700.

Einstein HR, Inc
3805 Crestwood Pkwy #100
Duluth, GA 30096

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