Yates Industries‘ Newest Additions to the Family

As Yates Industries continues to grow and expand, they are proud to announce the addition of two new members to their inside sales team.

ST CLAIR SHORES, MI, February 28, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — As Yates Industries continues to grow and expand, they are proud to announce the addition of two new members to their inside sales team.

Stacie R. Weissert joins the Yates family as an Inside Sales Manager where she coordinates daily inside sales team activities and manages the team to ensure they continue to gain important product knowledge and hone the necessary skills for success in achieving sales goals. She also assists outside sales teams to achieve new business. She has seven years of experience in management, sales and customer service and made the shift to the field of hydraulics in her desire to keep expanding her skills and depth of knowledge in different industries. Stacie was a top salesperson in her previous profession and has a Bachelor’s Degree from Wayne State University. She benefits Yates through her experience and her drive to succeed by streamlining processes and implementing programs with the goal of maintaining rapport with existing clients, while creating relationships for new business opportunities at the same time.

Martha Carr also comes on board with Yates as a Customer Service Representative. She is responsible for every aspect of the customer service experience from the moment the customer calls, emails or faxes into Yates Industries. She has been in customer service for 18 years, and was in the manufacturing world for ten of those years. She was drawn to Yates Industries in the interest of re-entering that world and was impressed by the exemplary reputation that Yates Industries holds in the industry as being a leader in the manufacture and repair of hydraulic cylinders. She has a bachelor’s degree in a technical field. Martha has strong relationship building skills, technical ability and a keen eye for detail. Her philosophy is, „If you take care of the customer, do what you say you are going to do and understand and anticipate the customer’s needs, it will be rewarded with a solid business relationship and therefore benefit the customer.“ Martha’s exposure to the manufacturing process and her extensive experience in sales and customer service have given her a wealth of knowledge. She brings a fresh and unique viewpoint that will benefit Yates Industries for years to come.

About Yates Cylinders

Yates Industries is a third generation, family-owned Cylinder Manufacturing company improving and providing high performance hydraulic cylinder products and services to the steel, aerospace, defense, shipping, automotive and manufacturing industries. With 43 years of experience, Yates‘ team of dedicated professionals, have become the benchmark of the industry. For more information about Yates Industries call 586.778.7680 or visit them online at http://www.yatesind.com.

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RAFT Partners with Lockheed Martin Space Systems during National Engineers Week

Lockheed Martin Space Systems volunteers assemble 500 STEM kits that will help inspire 4,600 future engineers

SAN JOSE, CA, February 28, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — RAFT, Resource Area for Teaching, is the leading solution center helping educators to transform a child’s learning experience through hands-on education. On Feb. 20, Lockheed Martin volunteers came to RAFT during National Engineers Week and built 500 STEM student activity kits to stimulate design-thinking among students.

Lockheed Martin has volunteered at RAFT during National Engineers Week for the past two years to support the alignment of the hands-on activity kits with the purpose of National Engineers Week, which is to inspire students to learn about engineering. Lockheed Martin is committed to nurturing and equipping the next generation of scientists, engineers and space explorers.

„Our partnership with RAFT is one way we support the teachers in our community who share STEM concepts with their students,“ said Lauren Rohde, lead for Bay Area Community Relations at Lockheed Martin. „For National Engineers Week, we had nearly 30 employees support the kit activity and hosted additional student outreach events across our company throughout the week.“

RAFT offers a wide range of STEM-focused idea sheets, activity kits, design challenges, and professional development workshops for educator and student use. The volunteers assembled three different kits.

200 Kumihimo kits, which tie together art, history, and mathematical patterns. Each kit serves 10 students.

100 Evolution by Natural Selection kits, which simulate evolution and show how adaptations such as camouflage help organisms survive and pass on traits to offspring. This kit is a group activity for up to six students.

200 Roller Racer kits, which explore the application of simple machines and energy conversion. This kit has materials for 10 students.

These RAFT kits allow students to explore a range of STEM related concepts. Thanks to the volunteers from Lockheed Martin, 4,600 future engineers will be inspired and have fun while learning.

Find out more about RAFT at www.raft.net

About RAFT – Resource Area For Teaching

RAFT – Resource Area For Teaching is a non-profit, which helps educators transform a child’s learning experience through hands on education to one that inspires the joy and discovery of learning. Founded in 1994, RAFT focuses on providing educators of all types – classroom teachers, after school educators, home-school educators, scout leaders, early care and education professionals – with effective, engaging, affordable hands-on learning resources aligned to national curriculum standards. RAFT, believes the best way to spark a love of learning for the next generation of thinkers, innovators, problem-solvers, and creators is through hands-on learning. RAFT supports some 7,000 educators in enriching and improving the education of more than 500,000 students every year.

1994-2017 Resource Area For Teaching. All rights reserved. The RAFT logo and RAFT product names referenced herein are trademarks or service marks of RAFT – Research Area For Teaching. All other trademarks, trade names, service marks, and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies.

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New Law Firm Pierce Sergenian LLP Launches Sophisticated Website with Look Toward the Digital Age

Digital Agency Wicked Bionic Creates New Brand

LOS ANGELES, CA, February 28, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Managing Partner John M. Pierce wanted to innovate. As he was laying the groundwork for his eventual partnership with fellow attorney David Sergenian, Mr. Pierce was looking to change the way law firms presented themselves on the web. „I didn’t want to look like everyone else. With young attorneys at the firm who grew up in the digital age, and my years of experience working as a litigator for the most innovative, cutting-edge companies, it was imperative to bring a new look and feel to litigation and its presence online.“

Long-established and enormously successful law firms seem to have neglected the opportunities available in the age of digital. Consulting with Los Angeles digital marketing agency, Wicked Bionic, Mr. Pierce relayed his vision for his new firm. Not known for his shyness, Mr. Pierce wanted to portray those qualities that make him one of the top litigators in the country.

Wicked Bionic owners Carlos Sapene (formerly head of digital at NBCUniversal) and partner (former television production executive) Dana C. Arnett met numerous times with Mr. Pierce to discover and interpret his vision for piercesergenian.com. Mr. Sapene smiles when he says, „John was very, very clear that his company website was going to be something that had not been done before – this was to have a modern look, creative and intelligent and, like John himself, there wasn’t to be anything ambiguous about it’s presentation“. The agency’s Creative Director, Kathy Fazio, interpreted Mr. Pierce’s vision by creating a color scheme of blue and gold with powerful imagery. Paratroopers coming in for a landing; two large, intense bulls locking horns in the mud; a macro black and white chessboard – these are the first images one sees when arriving at piercesergenian.com.

Capturing and conveying attorney personalities on law firm websites is not a traditional approach. At piercesergenian.com, in addition to education and areas of expertise, both attorney’s and associates have their own bio page with stylized photography and a personal quote. „The point was to inject an immediate sense of familiarity and connection with each of our attorneys. In this day and age, clients are looking to hire real, three-dimensional attorneys and not just a law firm. Wicked Bionic did an excellent job of capturing this reality,“ says Mr. Pierce. Mr. Sapene adds, „In addition to designing an attractive site, we wanted the functionality to be user-friendly with clean navigation that leads the user to discover all the components of the firm.“

Wicked Bionic works with clients developing websites, marketing strategies and social media campaigns in a wide variety of professions. „Many of our clients know they want a website or a rebrand and we are entrusted with creating that vision for them and presenting it. John, on the other hand, was involved every step of the way and our job was to design, style and implement his vision. Obviously as a top litigator he has a way with words so we got to experience his talent first hand as he wrote the majority of the text on the site. We enjoyed every moment of collaboration with John,“ says Ms. Arnett, who managed the project.

Mr. Pierce is equally complimentary when he says, „My experience working with the Wicked Bionic team was truly top-notch. They are extremely talented and delivered much more than we ever hoped for. I attribute much of my firm’s success to their sophisticated website design.“

Pierce Sergenian LLP and their website launched January 3, 2017. As the firm continues to grow, the website will grow along with it. Mr. Sapene has a solid marketing vision; „We will be constantly evolving piercesergenian.com, using social media, marketing strategies, latest news sections and announcements as tools to keep the firm on the cutting edge of digital innovation.“

Check out piercesergenian.com

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Keeping Our Cool in Space

The Two-Phase Flow investigation looks at the heat transfer characteristics of how boiling liquids turn into vapor in microgravity.

HOUSTON, TX, February 28, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — As spacecraft become larger, the heat they produce also increases. That means vehicles built for long-term space exploration need more efficient cooling systems.

The Two-Phase Flow investigation looks at the heat transfer characteristics of how boiling liquids turn into vapor in microgravity. Flow boiling is boiling with forced flow over a heated surface, while two-phase flow refers to both phases – vapor and liquid – flowing together in a single channel or tube. Using a loop with a transparent heating tube aboard the International Space Station, researchers will establish flow rate, heating power, ratio of vapor to total flow, and other effects under different conditions. These data will contribute to better fundamental understanding of the behavior of liquid and vapor and the mechanism of how heat is transferred in microgravity.

On Earth, this understanding has potential applications in cooling system design for high performance computers, data servers, and electric vehicles.

Satoshi Matsumoto, a project scientist with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), said „Thermal management systems must remove large amounts of thermal energy, transport waste heat long distances to radiators, and cool high levels of thermal energy generated by power devices. Accomplishing all this requires more efficient methods to remove thermal energy, and devices using boiling and two-phase flow show more promise than conventional methods.“

Boiling removes heat by turning liquid into vapor at the heated surface. Cooling systems use condensers that cool the vapor and produce condensation on the surface of the unit, thus turning that vapor back into a liquid, in a continuous cycle. In a two-phase flow system, heat is removed when the liquid vaporizes during boiling, resulting in high-performance heat removal and transportation.

Mixtures of liquids and bubbles behave very differently in space, however.

On Earth, bubbles generated by boiling leave the surface of the liquid because of buoyant force – the bubbles are about 1,000 times less dense than the liquid. That buoyant force disappears in microgravity, so bubbles do not easily detach from the surface. They essentially form an insulating layer at the surface and could significantly decrease heat transfer.

The investigation will establish a database useful in designing next-generation systems for managing heat in space. Currently, no coherent database exists for the flow and heat transfer behaviors of mixtures of liquids and vapors used for flow boiling in microgravity.

„A database of boiling two-phase flow also can show us the conditions where gravity effect disappears, even if the coolant or geometry of pipes change,“ Matsumoto said. „This is important for designing cooling systems for space referencing results from the orbital experiment despite the limited number of experimental conditions.“

„In summary, our scientific goals are to clarify detailed mechanisms of heat transfer, establish a map of the dominant forces, and clarify details of liquid-vapor flow behaviors,“ said principal investigator Haruhiko Ohta, a researcher in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Kyusyu University in Japan. „This microgravity experiment will advance fundamental understanding of boiling two-phase flow, especially the relationship between the heat transfer and behavior at the interface.“

In addition, JAXA will establish standards for spacecraft thermal management systems using boiling two-phase circulation loops, including heat pipe loops as an alternative passive method to the pumped loop tested in this investigation.

More efficient thermal management systems, in space and on Earth, will help us keep our cool.

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From Tools to Trash: Marshall’s Payload Stowage Team Tracks It

For many of us spring cleaning is an annual ritual and it will be here before we know it. Imagine trying to keep everything organized year-round in a five-bedroom house where everything floats.

HOUSTON, TX, February 28, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — For many of us spring cleaning is an annual ritual and it will be here before we know it. Imagine trying to keep everything organized year-round in a five-bedroom house where everything floats. And that house is moving 17,500 miles per hour orbiting the Earth 250 miles above us. That’s exactly the job of a small team at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

The Stowage Team in NASA’s Payload Operations Integration Center at Marshall helps astronauts on the International Space Station stay organized. From tools to power cords and even trash, this team performs the choreography needed to track every item used for science experiments.

The team manages a database where each piece of equipment is kept and tracked by a barcode system much like in a grocery store. This database stores information such as the date, time and last person to use it.

„When an astronaut is looking for a piece of equipment and can’t find it, we go to our database,“ said Allison Quesenbery, a member of the stowage team. „Every item is in there. Every time an item moves, we change it in the database, so we can help them locate it. The database is invaluable.“

The team plans every move of every piece of payload equipment for the crew, from unpacking cargo to consolidating related items to putting things back in its place, all with the item’s next use in mind, including trash disposal.

There are 12 members on the stowage team, but they can always use more help. All you need, according to them, is attention to detail.

There’s even a trash expert.

„Trashing is the hardest thing,“ said Keri Baugher of the stowage team. „You’d be surprised at all the paperwork that goes into throwing something away. We not only have to track when new things arrive, we also have to track when and where they are disposed of.“

When it comes to misplacing things, astronauts are no different, except that it’s even easier to lose things because they can put something down for one minute while performing an experiment and turn around and find it has moved.

„We don’t fault them for misplacing things,“ said Quesenbery. „They have a lot going on up there, so we are here on the ground to help. With so many items and so many stowage locations, it’s nearly impossible for them to keep track of things all the time.“

Quesenbery and Baugher agree the job is at times stressful, but it’s also a fun challenge, a bit like a scavenger hunt.

„Sometimes we’ll be watching live video from the station and just see something float by the camera. We then have to quickly get word to them that the item they’ve been searching for or we’ve been trying to locate just passed by,“ said Baugher.

Some things can take days or weeks to find. There’s even a „lost in space“ database, and the occasional „Wanted“ poster, asking the crew to keep an eye out for important items that have floated away.

Because, while we know the item hasn’t left the confines of the orbiting laboratory, it’s impossible to pop down to the hardware store to pick up a replacement.

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Syracuse, New York, Peregrine’s Landing Memory Care Community Now Under Construction

It’s an incredible honor to be a member of the entire project team.“ said Zach Kiser, Project Manager of The Douglas Company.

HOLLAND, OH, February 27, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Douglas Company, General Contractor, announces, is now under construction, with expected completion in November 2017. This $7.1 million memory care community, owned by Peregrine Companies, LLC, will feature 64 units offering specialized care for residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

The new memory care community, designed by MWT Architects, will be a single story, 35,760 square foot facility. Amenities will include an on-site chapel, full-service commercial kitchen, common space living rooms, private dining rooms, salon, therapy rooms, spas, community gathering areas, and enclosed courtyards.

„It’s an incredible honor to be a member of the entire project team who takes a dream and turns it into a reality and a true home for the future residents. I’m confident that this facility will provide a place of warmth, comfort and security for the residents of this memory care community and their loved-ones,“ said Zach Kiser, Project Manager of The Douglas Company.

About The Douglas Company

The Douglas Company is an industry-leading general contractor specializing in senior living and multifamily construction. For over 40 years The Douglas Company has consistently completed projects under budget and ahead of schedule while contributing to the success of their clients and associates. The Douglas Company, on the INC. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies, is headquartered in Holland, Ohio with a second office located in Orlando, Florida.

For more information on this story or inquiries about The Douglas Company, please contact Bob Ritter, Director of Business Development, at 419-865-8600 or visit The Douglas Company website: www.douglascompany.com.

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Savage Group Consulting Reveals Must Read Guide for Businesses Looking to Build a Millennial Workforce

Millennials are transforming the business landscape exponentially, and their talent for innovation and drive for change is becoming increasingly in demand.

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, February 27, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Working with a millennial workforce, Savage Group Consulting reveals what businesses need to offer to appeal to these bright young job seekers.

Research has shown that the millennial generation has a significant impact on how businesses operate today. While money remains an important factor, millennials have different life goals than previous generations. Florida-based outsourced sales and marketing company Savage Group Consulting explains that millennials look for jobs that best align with their professional as well as personal goals. „Businesses who look after their millennial generation see huge benefits that result in business growth“, explains Savage Group Consulting. In fact, the reason millennials are in high demand is that they have grown up around technology. They are used to a fast changing world, able to adapt and be creative.

About Savage Group Consulting: http://www.savagegroupconsulting.com/

Savage Group Consulting says that businesses must create a positive and open culture in order to appeal to millennials. Rather than addressing performance during an annual review meeting, managers should provide feedback frequently and encourage their workforce by recognizing great results. Savage Group Consulting adds: „Millennials are not shy to risk taking. They want to work in an environment where they can learn from mistakes rather than being punished and grow professionally and personally based on their experiences.“

Millennials are truly committed to what they do, they have passion, are reliable and always motivated to take on a new project, so they can develop further skills. Savage Group Consulting believes that as long as they accomplish their goals, millennials should be given the relevant support and freedom at the same time. This could mean that they want to explore alternative options by themselves rather than following a set of rules or work with their laptop from a coffee shop at times rather than sitting in the office the entire day. Savage Group Consulting suggests: „As long as they perform well, businesses should adapt and do anything that can encourage creativity.“

Savage Group Consulting is a direct sales and marketing company that provides a cost-effective outsourcing solution to their clients across the USA in order to increase sales, enhance brand awareness and acquire new customers. The firm loves working with millennials and believes that they are perfect for the world of sales and marketing, „Millennials are always hungry for more. They have that limitless potential for growth and development. Their energy, passion and enthusiasm make them ideal for face-to-face promotions“, explains Savage Group Consulting.

The firm is known to appeal to millennials due to their positive and transparent culture. Savage Group Consulting provides constant support and spends quality time with individuals. They give daily feedback and help others achieve their goals by guiding them along the way, but leaving them the freedom needed to explore different options on their journey and their limits. Savage Group Consulting’s mission is to support individuals to grow personally. This strategy encourages millennials to commit and help drive the business forward.

Being one of America’s leading outsourced sales and marketing firms, Savage Group Consulting is certain that together with their millennial workforce, they will expand into markets overseas in the years to come.

For more information on Savage Group Consulting follow @Savage_GroupC on Twitter and ‚like‘ them on Facebook.

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Plumb5 Prepares its Enterprise Reporting Bot

Plumb5 Launches Natural Language Processing Based Business Data Search

BANGALORE, INDIA, February 27, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Plumb5 releases an NLP (Natural Language Processing) based Data Search feature that combines data relationship tags and NLP to offer easy to use natural language based report generation, without having to depend on a data analyst for every report request.This feature can analyse big data (millions of rows) to any granularity in seconds using the unified data model and can provide accurate real-time analytics for any time period.

„NLP based data search can drastically reduce the time taken to create custom reports over silos and will allow any user across the organisation to simply ask anything to get answers or metrics in seconds, based on user permissions. The user can pin these reports to a dashboard and share it with other business users,“ says Chief Executive Officer, Vijay Chander.

This overlay feature can be implemented on any existing data in an easy wizard driven fashion. Highly configurable user permissions make sure users access answers within the permissible limit.

„The mapping mechanism uses a hierarchical map structure resembling a neural network which helps in building a scalable relational search. As data grows, all we need to do is to add the new data entities to the relationship structure and update the keyword list,“ says Principal Information Architect, Veerendra HR.

It can be readily integrated over existing data environments using intuitive screens for data tagging and mapping keywords. On extracting insights from the generated reports, users can convert them to trigger next actions using the rule engine.

Plumb5 uses unified data architecture in its core, finds it easy to map external data to a pre-defined neural structure. Adding to this, an inbuilt weight distribution algorithm allows in prioritising responses in order to understand and present reports over polynomial data.

„The next steps would be to integrate the bot with messaging & collaboration services like Skype. The idea is to have the Plumb5 bot join a conference call as a participant and assist in fetching metrics, accept commands & learn all in real time.“ says Raju Ramakrishnan who heads technology at Plumb5.

The Enterprises can now allow any user to ask and find answers or reports over the connected data. This saves the enormous amount of time required for techies and analysts to create custom reports over multiple silos.

Plumb5 is an integrated data platform developed by Decisive Analytical Systems Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore. It was built to solve marketing challenges permanently, by unifying customer data and facilitating seamless automation of business processes, to drive customer centric engagement automation.

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Get to Know the Delphi Academy of Boston at Their Open House on Sunday, March 12th

Join Delphi Boston’s faculty and staff on Sunday, March 12th for an open house from 12:00pm to 2:00pm to learn about the school, teachers, and curriculum.

MILTON, MA, February 27, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — On Sunday, March 12th, the Delphi Academy of Boston will be hosting an open house from 12:00pm to 2:00pm at 564 Blue Hill Avenue. Milton, MA 02186. Parents and students are invited to meet the Delphi Boston faculty and staff and learn about the facility, the Delphi Program, and the admissions process. Open houses like these offer a great opportunity to see the school „in action.“

Families are invited to learn about Summer Camp, the school year, and the Delphi Program for academic success from teachers and staff. Delphi Boston offers rolling enrollment, small class sizes, personalized education, and a challenging environment. At Delphi Boston, students go through a rigorous, challenging curriculum, and taught how to learn – a skill that follows and benefits them all throughout their lives.

Before visiting the Delphi Academy of Boston at the upcoming open house, visitors are encouraged to visit the school’s website for more information about the Delphi Program and admissions. Questions are encouraged and all are invited to attend. To RSVP for the Open House, contact the Delphi Academy of Boston via email at info@delphiboston.org or by phone at 617-390-8214, or visit the Delphi Boston website at delphiboston.org/get_info.

Delphi Academy of Boston is an independent, coeducational, non-sectarian day school offering a preschool through eighth grade program. Academics focus on providing students with a solid grounding in the basics, a rich and challenging hands-on curriculum and the ability to study purposefully and independently. Children may enroll as early as two years and nine months in the preschool program. To find out more visit the Delphi Boston website.

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Beast Musik Launches Stunning New Website

Astonising New Rap Duo Ready to Blow the Industry Away

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC, February 27, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Beast Musik, (Keylo Da Beast & J4 Da Dawg) one of Charleston’s more prestigious rap groups is pleased to announce the launch of their new website at http://www.beastmusik.com. On Friday Jan 13, 2017 at 787 Bar and grill Beast Musik staggered the crowd with their performance, then on Saturday Jan 14, 2017 at Club Knockouts Keylo and J4 electrified the crowd with J4’s new single „Welcome to the Jungle“ produced by Keylo. This duo will take you through the wilderness and and back, if you’re ready for a journey I am please to say, „Welcome To The Jungle.“

Beast Musik Consists of J4 Da Dawg (23) (Musical Artist) & Keylo Da Beast (22) (Artist & Producer) The two met each other in High School, they both were recording there own music until one day J4 played a song for Keylo and he was blown away. They came up with the name Beast Musik together in science class, then join efforts to make Beast Musik a reality.

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