arcon-dur safety glass: outstanding properties and limitless possibilities

When performance, visual appeal, and safety are indispensable, arcon-dur safety glass is fit for the job.

arcon-dur safety glass: outstanding properties and limitless possibilities

arcon-dur safety glass made by arcon is widely used for architectural and industrial applications

arcon knows that safety is fundamental when it comes to glass. This is why arcon glass proud to offer arcon-dur safety glass products. This extremely tough, breakage resistant safety glass is produced using arcon’s special heat shock process. The glass is first heated to 650° C over just a few seconds, then rapidly cooled with a shock of chilled air. This creates a state of internal stress within the glass, with the core of the glass held under tensile stress, and the surface under compressive stress. The result is arcon-dur safety glass which is highly resistant to stress from heat, bending, shocks, and impact. In the event of breakage, arcon-dur safety glass produces granules, which are much safer than the shards and splinters formed by non-treated glass. arcon-dur safety glass is produced to national and European safety standards, and meets or exceeds quality and safety standards.

Wherever safety is paramount, arcon-dur safety glass can be used for superior performance. Applications include vehicle glass, which are essential for providing visibility, and must be uncompromisingly safe for drivers and passengers. arcon-dur safety glass (tempered safety glass ESG and heat-strengthened glass TVG) combines aesthetics, function, and safety to ensure the high-performance safety glass for vehicle and transportation applications, including train and shipping areas. arcon-dur safety glass holds relevant licenses for applications in trains and shipping uses.

arcon-dur safety glass is also a superior choice for building interiors and bathroom glass installations. With a product range that covers the entire spectrum of highly-processed glass found in indoor and bathroom glass installations, the arcon-dur product line includes enclosures and fixtures in a virtually unlimited array of possibilities. Because of its clean surfaces, transparency, and versatility, glass is a perfect material for use in medical facilities, offices, retail spaces, and home interiors. arcon-dur glass offers an extraordinary range of customizable products and finishes for unique applications. The whole production process is focused in a single facility in the south of Germany, which allows arcon to respond to quickly and flexibly to customer wishes, and provide custom one-stop solutions for nearly any application.
Also a novelty in the glass industry: with a solar factor of between 22 and 37%, all four new sunbelt solar control glass products ensure a cool and pleasant indoor temperature even on bright sunny days.

With over 30 years of excellence in coated architectural glass, arcon glass products are used in such high profile constructions as the Barcelona airport, the velodrome of the Olympic Games in Athens, the administrative buildings of the Milan trade fair, and the Palace of Justice in Luxembourg.

arcon Flachglas-Veredlung GmbH & Co. KG
Julia Schuettler
Industriestrasse 10
91555 Feuchtwangen
+49 (0) 9852 6700-0

Ricky Martin Announces Collaboration With .ADF (A Different Fur)

International music star Ricky Martin announced today his collaboration „RICKY MARTIN by .ADF“ with A Different Fur, a brand that seamlessly blends luxe quality with clean style – to introduce an exclusive collection of men’s apparel and accessories.

MIAMI BEACH, FL, November 30, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — The limited-edition collection will be available November 17th on & A part of the proceeds will go to the Ricky Martin Foundation.

„I’ve been wearing .ADF pieces a number of years, so having the chance to design my own collection with a brand I already know and love is a dream come true,“ says Ricky Martin. „I have always loved .ADF’s aesthetic of simple sophistication & quality over quantity, so with this collection I wanted to create pieces that I would easily wear everyday.“

Martin’s incredible career and influence across music, dance, TV, stage & film has made him a fashion global icon. Martin has been in the entertainment business for several decades and continues to sell out shows in the U.S, Australia, Asia, Europe & Latin America.

The collection will include a range of T-shirts, henley’s, hoodies & pants all made from the finest 100% pima cotton. The collection ranges in price from $49.00 to $120.00.

More information about the line is available at and

.ADF’s apparel is simply an extension of the brand’s design philosophy and aesthetic – simply pima, wear what u love. Self-taught designer Alex Garcia & creative director Nichole Bolivar draw on their varied backgrounds & passion’s in design & architecture and all things interesting to create their idea of what self-expression for the modern man & woman should be.

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Palacio da Lousa, Portugal, Paris, France and Los Angeles, California with Surrealism Now

Thousands of visitors at International Surrealism Now in Portugal made the show to be extended indefinitely.

LOUSA, PORTUGAL November 30, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — International Surrealism Now is a project by the surrealist painter Santiago Ribeiro and began in 2010 in Coimbra organized by Bissaya Barreto Foundation.

29 countries: Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Spain, USA, Philippines, France, Holland, Indonesia, England, Iran, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Vietnam.

61 artists at Palacio da Lousa:
Agim Meta, Ana Neamu, Anna Plavinskaya, Andrew Baines, Asier Guerrero Rico ( Dio ), Brigid Marlin, Daila Lupo, Dan Neamu, Daniel Hanequand, Daniele Gori, Domen Lo, Edgar Invoker, Egill Eibsen, Erik Heyninck, Ettore Aldo Del Vigo, Farhad Jafari, France Garrido, Francisco Urbano, Gromyko Semper, Hector Pineda, Hugues Gillet, Isabel Meyrelles, Keith Wigdor, Leo Plaw, Liba WS, Lubomir Sticha, Ludgero Rolo, Lv Shang, Maciej Hoffman, Magi Calhoun, Maria Aristova, Martina Hoffman, Mehriban Efendi, Naiker Roman, Nazareno Stanislau, Octavian Florescu, Oleg korolev, Olga Spiegel, Otto Rapp, Paula Rosa, Pedro Diaz Cartes, Rudolf Boelee, Santiago Ribeiro, Sergey Tyukanov, Shahla Rosa, Shoji Tanaka, Shan Zhulan, Sio Shisio, Slavko Krunic, Sonia Mena Barreto, Steve Smith, Stuart Griggs, Svetlana Kislyachenko, Tatomir Pitariu, Ton Haring, Victor Lages, Vu Huyen Thuong, Yamal Din, Yuri Tsvetaev e Zoran Velimanovic.

In Paris the exhibition is entitled „L’envers de la Realite“ at the General Consulate of Portugal Isabel Meyrelles ( Historical figure of international surrealism, familiar with surrealist like Andre Breton and with the Portuguese Cruzeiro Seixas ) and painter Santiago Ribeiro.

From December 4, 2014 to January 8, 2015, organization: General Consulate of Portugal in Paris and GAPP.

Los Angeles, California, at Latino Art Museum „21st Century Luso-American Surrealism“ emerges through invitation by American surrealist artist Shahla Rosa. artists:
PT- Francisco Urbano, Santiago Ribeiro, Victor Lages;
USA – France Garrido, KD Matheson, Olga Spiegle, Shahla Rosa.


Palace of Lousa.
Rua Viscondessa do Espinhal 3200-257
Lousa, Coimbra, Portugal

General Consulate of Portugal,
N. 6, rue Georges Berger, 75017, Paris

United States
Latino Art Museum,
281 S. Thomas St. Suite: # 105
Pomona, LOS ANGELES, CA, 91766

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Kono Corporation to Launch a $10,000,000 Fund Focusing on High Value-added Investments in USA

Only $5,000 to become a partner of a U.S. fund? Yes, that’s absolutely true if you join Kono Fund I, LP operated by Kono Corporation.

BILLINGS, MT, November 30, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — Kono Corporation is pleased to announce that it has started accepting investors to join its Kono Fund I, LP as the limited partners in accordance with the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act) which enables businesses to solicit funding from the general public.

Each investor of the Kono Fund I, LP may contribute a capital as low as $5,000. The partnership opportunity of the Kono Fund I, LP will be closed as soon as its total capital reaches $10,000,000.

Kono Fund I, LP is designed to focus on investments in the following three (3) categories (the „Property“) in the United States of America:

a) High value-added real estate properties – Each property must be able to add a gross value of 50% – 1,000% within 3 years.
b) Fast-growing businesses – Each business must be able to grow at least 30% per annum.
c) Hard money lending – Each lending must have an annual interest rate of 12% as the lowest.

Accordingly, any investment opportunity with a ROI of lower than 12% per annum will not be considered by Kono Fund I, LP.

Through its General Partner, Kono Fund I, LP may operate/hold and lease its Property for income-producing purposes and possible future redevelopment or sale. Although Kono Fund I, LP is daily managed by the General Partner, the Fund is entirely owned by all of its Partners and operated in accordance with the duly-signed Kono Fund Limited Partnership Agreement under the applicable Uniform Limited Partnership Act.

As the General Pertner of the Kono Fund I, LP, Kono Corporation currently owns the Kono Building in the Central Business District („CBD“) of Billings, the largest city in the State of Montana. Meanwhile, Kono Corporation has been identifying dozens of additional high value-added real estate properties in other national/regional large cities in USA, which will enable Kono Fund I, LP’s investment to cover more states in the USA and realize a long-term fast growth and the greatest profits in the coming decades.

Kono Corporation is a Billings-based cost-effective large office solutions provider in USA with a target growth of 50% – 1,000% per annum dependent upon the available funds and potential high value-added properties at low prices. Its Kono Building has successfully served the U.S. Federal Government and the local community since 1965 which is now open to global businesses and investors for greater success in the coming decades.

For more information, see its official website at:

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Christian Book Author Dr. MaryAnn Diorio Refutes Claims Of A Married Jesus In The Lost Gospel

The controversy surrounding the discovery of a lost gospel claiming Jesus was married hit many Internet news sites this week. Christian author Dr. MaryAnn Diorio strongly refutes these claims

WILMINGTON, NC, November 30, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — Numerous Internet news sites broke a story this week about a lost gospel that appears to put forth the idea that Jesus was married and had children. That idea has been presented in movies such as ‚The Last Temptation Of Christ‘ and books such as ‚The DaVinci Code‘. One of these articles, found on the Daily Mail site entitled ‚Is this proof Jesus married and had two sons? Ancient manuscript said to be ‚lost gospel‘ with a sensational twist‘, stated that Simcha Jacobovici, an Israeli-Canadian film-maker, and Barrie Wilson, a professor of religious studies in Toronto, believe they’ve uncovered a missing fifth gospel.

„In attempting to add to the four gospels, Author Simcha Jacobovici and Professor Barrie Wilson have forgotten one critically important point,“ remarks Dr. MaryAnn Diorio, award-winning author and long-time Bible teacher. „They have forgotten that God explicitly forbids adding or subtracting from the Holy Scriptures.“ Diorio, who holds a Doctor of Ministry degree and is the author of the new children’s picture book, ‚Who Is Jesus?‘, cites Proverbs 30:5-6: „Every word of God proves true. . . Do not add to his words, or he may rebuke you and expose you as a liar.“

Another found on The Daily website entitled „Is ‚The Lost Gospel Book‘ A Fraud?“ quoted Barrie Wilson as saying „Paul’s theology of marriage could be said very simply: no sex before, during or after marriage. Our gospel, in contradiction to Paul’s asceticism, talks about the importance of marriage and the intensity that it takes, that’s where the gospel–the element of good news comes in–it enriches the understanding of fulsome sexuality.“

„Not so,“ says Dr. Diorio. „While the Scripture clearly forbids sex outside of marriage, Paul specifically reveals his approval of sex during marriage in First Corinthians 7: 5 when he writes, ‚Do not deny yourselves to each other, unless you first agree to do so for a while in order to spend your time in prayer, but then resume normal marital relations.‘

Diorio, who holds a Doctor of Ministry degree and has been teaching the Bible for almost 20 years, sees The Lost Gospel as „another last-ditch attempt by Satan to deceive the world into accepting the AntiChrist before the return of the true Messiah, Jesus the Christ.“

Dr. MaryAnn Diorio writes award-winning books for the young, and the young-at-heart. Diorio has written seven books, been a contributor to eight others, and has published seven booklets. She brings her considerable talent and impressive background together in ‚Who Is Jesus?‘ to create a work that is certain to become a classic in the Christian children’s books genre.

Dr. Diorio holds numerous degrees including the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in French with a concentration in Comparative Literature, the Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree in Christian Counseling, the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) degree in French with a concentration in Comparative Literature, the Master of Arts (MA) degree in Italian Language & Literature, the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Writing Popular Fiction with a concentration in Writing for Children and the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in French.

She has won numerous awards, including Third Place for „From Feminism to Freedom“ AMY Writing Awards; Fifth Place, National Writers‘ Club Short Story Contest for „The Birthmark“; Top 100 Short Stories ranking for „The Birthmark“, Writers‘ Digest Short Story Contest; Honorable Mention for radio script, TAKE ONE Radio Theatre; Second Place for Novel, St. Davids Christian Writers‘ Conference Contest; Third Place in Women’s Fiction, American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) Genesis Contest; Second Place in Inspirational Category for Novel, East Texas RWA Southern Heat Contest; Second Place in Historical Category for Novel, Romance Writers‘ Ink Where the Magic Begins Contest; First Place in Inspirational Category for Novel, Colorado RWA Heart of the Rockies Contest; and First Place in Inspirational Category for Novel, Spacecoast Launching a Star Contest.

Dr. Diorio is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at All of her works are available at online book retailers and at her site. More information, including information on ‚Who Is Jesus?‘, is available at her site at

MaryAnn is also a multi-award winning author, a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Behavioral Consultant, and a Certified Biblical Counselor as well as a gifted Bible teacher and speaker whose heart’s desire is to help people become all that God created them to be. For all that God has done and continues to do in her life, MaryAnn gives Him all the praise and all the glory.

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Be Interactive Pty: Should You Go with Your Gut in Business?

After a survey revealed that business owners tend to go with their gut over quantitative data when making decisions, Brisbane-based Be Interactive Pty look at whether this approach is wise and offer their advice on how to make big business decisions.

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, November 30, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — According to the report ‚The Democratisation of Insight‘ by online survey platform SurveyMonkey, 36 per cent of small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) say their business lacks the customer data they need to make timely decisions. Furthermore, 81 per cent say they would like to access customer insight more regularly; however they complain it is too expensive and too time consuming to gather, causing them to rely on their instinct. Be Interactive Pty commented on the report: „Of course, sometimes you have to go with your gut feeling. Nevertheless a crucial business decision should not be made on a feeling or a mood swing, but after taking actual data into consideration in order to determine what the customer wants and needs to drive the business towards its growth goals.“

About Be Interactive Pty:

In fact, the study confirms that as a result of the inconsistent and challenging process of data collection, 72 per cent of respondents admit they make many decisions on gut instinct alone. In addition to that, when asked about their own behaviour, half of the business owners questioned confess they rely either mostly or completely on instinct alone when it comes to making business decisions, with only ten per cent relying mostly or solely on actual data. „Nowadays, with all the tools available, it should be relatively easy to require fast and reliable customer insight information,“ says Be Interactive Pty. „It is important to make data accessible for businesses.“

SurveyMonkey CEO Dave Goldberg says that two thirds of business leaders report they only trust market data ‚to some extent‘. „However, many leaders also tell us that with regular access to fast, accurate customer insight, their businesses would be more agile, more competitive, more innovative and would ultimately grow faster.“

Be Interactive Pty insist that SMEs must require actual data in order to drive business growth. „The results of the study make it clear, there is a lack of efficiency and a lack of trust,“ say Be Interactive Pty. The survey shows that only 15 per cent of SMEs completely trust the customer data available to them.

By far, the most important factor for them however is the accuracy of the information. Furthermore, business owners say that insight data must be quick and cost effective to acquire. In order to remain competitive and receive actual and quick customer information, more and more businesses are now turning to more traditional marketing methods, such as direct marketing. Be Interactive Pty is an outsourced events and business-to-business marketing company located in Brisbane. The firm’s sales force meets with consumers directly on a daily basis, speaks with people face-to-face to gather important insights and feeds them back to their clients. Direct marketing delivers guaranteed results and is cost effective. Be Interactive Pty creates a marketing plan together with their clients in order to understand what data is required and discuss a strategy to achieve those. The hands-on and immediate information they receive is passed on to their clients daily, so they can make decisions accordingly, using real and reliable customer data. Customers have evolved and have more complex needs nowadays. Although a good gut instinct may be important in business, actual data is vital for business survival and business growth.

Be Interactive Pty is an outsourced sales firm specialising in a unique from of direct marketing which delivers a high ROI for their clients.

Follow @BeInteractiveAU on Twitter and ‚Like‘ them on Facebook.

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In Spite of All the Cutting Edge Advances in the Science of Emotional Intelligence, Brain/Wisdom/Emotional-Intelligence/Upbringing Education is Still Mostly Ignored and Mismanaged

Brain education is the foundation on which mind education is built. We still haven’t grasped the significance of brain education’s role in education. It is amazing that brain education is many times more vital than mind education; yet it is ignored.

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, November 29, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — All the manmade ills of society are caused by emotionally challenged behavior. Emotionally challenged behavior stems from emotionally challenged brains. The fundamental cause of emotionally challenged brains is emotionally challenged brain education in the form of emotionally challenged upbringing and/or emotionally challenged beliefs that we as parents and as a society embed in our children.

First impressions even for the adults are the last impressions. For human consciousness the first impressions of what is life, self, reality etc. is embedded through brain wiring long before it is embedded in the mind; simply because the mind works in words and the mind begins to acquire language skills much later in life. The brain gets to start laying the neuron connections from conception onwards. So it is the brain impressions that lay/are the foundations of human consciousness and personality. Yet our education experts not only neglect brain education we actually miseducate the brain.

Since ancient times mind education, that is the 3 Rs of education has been gradually improving and as a result we have cutting edge mind education that has resulted in prosperity for all those who master mind education. However when it comes to brain education it has remained stagnant since ancient times. Now there is much talk of brain education and here and there attempts are made to teach brain education. However brain education is still fuzzy and misunderstood in most quarters and as a result brain education is taught just like mind education. Brain education is like cooking an egg. Try correcting a miscooked egg by lecturing the spoiled egg. Trying to educate a miseducated brain is the same. Brain education is brain therapy.

Brain education starts from before birth and continuing through upbringing starts to physically change the brain by creating the neuron wiring of the brain. By the time the mind starts to function the brain is already partly physically and emotionally formed. Thus mind education is developed on the foundations of the brain education.

Brain education is so vital that it is the quality of brain education that determines the quality of mind education. By the time the child joins 1st grade its mind education ability is already well set. In spite of all the hard work done by teachers it is the child’s brain quality/health that determines the success or failure of the teachers efforts. Our governments spend huge amounts of money, time and effort that goes to waste on miseducated brains.

We need to create compulsory upbringing classes for parents including how to take care of the fetus. Super healthy brain wiring must be insured starting right from the fetus stage. Teachers must be trained to detect miseducated brains from early on and provided the training to heal the miseducated brains. By insuring emotionally healthy brains not only the mess in education will be removed; it will also take care of the mess in society.

The emotional part of the personality is physically set through brain education. Whether the brain is going to be emotionally challenged or healthy is determined by the quality of brain education. We in America continue to miseducate the brain. We brain/emotionally educate our children into believing that each one is the best. We set up our children into lifelong emotionally challenged brains. America must be woken up to this massive miseducation of the brain. From our president, to senators down to our teachers must all help stop this miseducation of the brain. Instead of our children being made into make belief champions they must be nurtured into becoming true champions.

Again there are cultural reasons why the Muslim world is suffering and is so behind the rest of the world. The brain consists of several engines/roots. There is an engine for math, science, language, playing and listening to music, canvas painting, dancing, singing, sculpture and even coding. While the rest of the world develops and strengthens all these engines our Muslim world lets the music, painting, dancing, singing and sculpture engines remain undeveloped. Thus while the rest of the world develops 10+ horse power brains our Muslim families develop 5/6 horse power brains. Just imagine a tree with 10 roots and another with just 5 roots. Our Muslim leaders must wake up to the reality of Muslim brain miseducation and neglect. We keep worrying about the Muslim world falling behind. What do you expect from a 5 horse power engine in a world of 10+ horse power engines?

We are appealing to our American leadership from President Obama to Bill Gates and our Muslim leadership from King Abdullah and Sheikh Mohammed to Sheikha Moza; to please correct this miseducation and neglect of brain education.

The 4th R Foundation is a non-profit education research foundation that researches informal/emotional intelligence education, human nature, brain, mind, conscientiousness, self, wisdom, life coaching, adult reeducation, shyness, self image, emotional brain baggage etc.

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Healthwick Canada Now Offering Coloplast Catheters for Men and Women

Online Purchase of SpeediCath and Conveen Products Now Available with Home Delivery in Canada

TORONTO, ON, November 29, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — Direct-to-home incontinence products retailer Healthwick Canada is pleased to announce they are now offering male and female catheters from manufacturer Coloplast. The addition of catheters is a first for Healthwick and expands on Healthwick’s industry leading selection of incontinence management products; which include briefs (adult diapers), absorbent underwear, pads, underpads, swim briefs, and skin hygiene products.

„In the past few months, we’ve been receiving requests from our customers to carry a range of quality catheterization products,“ says Sharron Jones, Marketing Director for Healthwick, „Some customers use a mix of wearable products and catheters to tailor their incontinence management to different scenarios in their lives, and we believed it was important to give them a one-stop solution with Healthwick.“

Coloplast develops products and services that make life easier for people with very personal and private medical conditions. Their product areas include ostomy care, continence care, urology and wound and skin care. Their range of catheters include the discreet SpeediCath Compact Female and Male catheters, and the Conveen line of external male catheters (condom catheters) and drainage bags, now available at

„One of our brand promises to the Canadian market has always been to carry the best incontinence management products,“ says Sean Neville, CEO of Healthwick, „Coloplast’s reputation for being one of the best manufacturers in the industry made it an easy decision for us to add their catheters to our selection of brands.“

„We’re very pleased to bring Healthwick on-board as a retailer of Coloplast products,“ says Rodney Blair, Regional Manager for Coloplast Canada, „Healthwick’s direct-to-home delivery is a valuable service for Canadians who prefer to shop online or by phone, and we’re happy to be part of their continued product expansion.“

In addition to retailing Coloplast products online or by toll-free phone, Healthwick has also partnered with Coloplast to offer free samples of select products to consumers, backed by Coloplast’s unique program of telephone follow-up and coaching to ensure a great product fit.

„One of the things that drew us to Coloplast was their free sample program, which is similar to our own program,“ says Jones, „When we saw the level of care and expertise that the Coloplast team, we were completely reassured that this was a company that would fit with our commitment to customer care.“

Canadians interested in purchasing Coloplast products, or requesting free Coloplast samples, can visit or call toll-free at 1-877-775-6656.

Healthwick is Canada’s largest online incontinence store, offering fast and discreet nation-wide shipping direct to Canadian homes. With over 500 products in stock daily, Healthwick carries all national and specialty brands including TENA, Depend, Prevail, Always, Tranquility, Abena, Coloplast and many more, in sizes XS/youth to XXXL/bariatric.

Canadians can also take advantage of Healthwick’s free sample program by requesting up to 5 samples to try in the privacy of their homes.

Healthwick is headquartered in Oakville, Ontario and is proudly Canadian owned and operated.

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Buckeye Promotions Group Recognized as a Great Place to Work

The ‚Best Places To Work‘ awards are presented by Columbus Business First, and entry is open to any business in Central Ohio that employs at least ten people.

COLUMBUS, OH, November 29, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — For a business to perform well, it needs great workers. That’s why a smart entrepreneur should always be committed to making their workplace as great a place to work as possible. In this way, it will be easier to attract the highest quality workers, and keep them motivated and committed. Here, Buckeye Promotions Group reveal their pride at being recognized as one of the best places to work in Ohio in 2014.

„Being recognized in this way is a great honor for me, and for the whole company,“ said Kai Petrich, director of Buckeye Promotions Group. „Our offices are a great place to work, and there’s a real energy that I feel every time I walk through the door. Everybody is pulling in the same direction, and that’s just one of the reasons why we’ve achieved such great results for our clients.“

The ‚Best Places To Work‘ awards are presented by Columbus Business First, and entry is open to any business in Central Ohio that employs at least ten people. There are four categories, depending upon the size of the company. In this way, they ensure that like is being compared with like. The awards are presented in conjunction with Quantum Workplace. They are experts on employee engagement studies, and carry out a survey of all the employees that work for all the companies entered in the competition. By carefully analyzing the data, they were able to determine which workplaces offered a truly great place to be an employee.

Many factors were taken into consideration, but these included the amenities available in and around the business, and the make up of the offices themselves. Workers were asked about how positive they felt about their job, and about the company that they worked for. Opportunities for career progression, and training, were also taken into consideration.

„I’m not surprised that we have achieved this honor, and it will be a great evening at the awards luncheon,“ said Kai Petrich. „This will only serve to make us all even more motivated, and as we continue to grow, we won’t forget the traits that have made us one of the best places to work.“

Businesses across the United States, can also benefit from the marketing expertise of Buckeye Promotions Group. Their bespoke campaigns bring proven results in both customer acquisition and brand awareness.

Buckeye Promotions Group is an outsourced sales and marketing company located in Columbus, Ohio that was launched in 2012 and provides clients with unbeatable direct marketing services. We provide instant, extensive and hard-hitting sales and marketing campaigns which can provide immediate results using our b2b, b2c, residential, and events based marketing systems. We have relationships with a variety of different clients, ranging from major Fortune 500 companies in telecommunications, charities, merchant services, and online discounters.

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AusCorp Connect Pty Disrupt the Marketplace to Achieve Results

Businesses that fail to challenge existing models often don’t stand the test of time. AusCorp Connect review how business owners should be actively looking for ways to make waves in their marketplace in order to move ahead of their competitors.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, November 29, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — A business may consider itself stable if it is meeting the needs of their consumer base and generating sales. However consumer needs change and many businesses fail to adapt to these changing needs, often out of fear of losing their position in the market or isolating loyal consumers. AusCorp Connect believes that although it’s important to ensure loyal customers feel valued, by refusing to challenge existing business models many businesses are not fulfilling their full potential and are struggling to stand out among their competitors. Companies that disrupt and challenge existing business models and approaches create an environment where innovation and creativity is nurtured and encourages, which allows them to stand the test of time and successfully adapt to new market trends. By embracing innovation and carefully integrating it into their core values, Auscorp Connect are confident that businesses will be able to achieve long-term growth and success, whilst also ensuring loyal customers still receive the same standards of service and high quality products that drew them to the business in the first place.

AusCorp Connect believe that in order for innovation to work, a business must ensure that the right culture is in place. A recent survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers into marketing innovation found that 57% of business executives considered a culture of support was the most important factor to encourage innovation. 44% felt that strong visionary leadership was key to successful innovation, whilst 37% considered a willingness to take risks was the most fundamental ingredient. AusCorp Connect believe that by ensuring all three of these factors are met within a business model, businesses should be able to increase innovation and boost their market presence.

For businesses still struggling with innovation, the firm believe there are also many small changes that can be implemented to spark creative thinking. Making time for brainstorming and actively seeking out ideas and suggestions can be a fantastic way of introducing innovation into a workplace. AusCorp Connect also believe it’s vital for business owners to stress the importance of innovation, as many workers are unaware of how innovation can help a business remain competitive, and often don’t realize that their ideas could have a major impact on business success.

AusCorp Connect is a Sydney based sales and marketing firm who help businesses across Australia increase their customer base and exposure. The firm actively encourage innovation among their workforce in order to provide each client with a unique and personalized marketing campaign designed to meet their individual needs. AusCorp Connect offer a highly flexible service on a ’no win, no fee‘ policy which allows their clients to make the most of their industry knowledge and expertise with minimal risk to their own businesses. The firm’s vibrant and innovative direct marketing campaigns take their clients products straight to the consumer in the form of interactive presentations and promotions, allowing consumers to fully engage and develop positive relationships with a brand. This dynamic marketing approach allows AusCorp Connect to dramatically raise their clients ROI and brand awareness, whilst also increasing their customer acquisition and retention rates.

About AusCorp Connect:

Auscorp Connect Pty is an Australian outsourced sales and marketing firm. The firm delivers a high ROI for their clients by offering a unique face-to-face marketing experience.

Follow @AusCorpConnect on Twitter and ‚Like‘ them on Facebook.

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